COMET -C/1999 H1 (LEE)


by gary d. goodwin

JUNE 26, 1999

Now that Comet Lee has passed beyond our sight-behind the sun, we are left with watching indicators other than optical images of this comet. There are a number of resources that reveal this comet's connection with the solar system. One resource where we can value its activity, is its relationship with the sun. If the cometary theory of Jim McCanney is correct and comets are electrical in nature, vacuuming up plasma and material as they move through the solar capacitor, then there should be evidence of this in the production of activity upon the sun.

According to the currently available ephemeris, Comet Lee was to cross the ecliptic on June 21st. The "ecliptic" is more than just a reference point and it is more than just a line in space. Many comets have been known to literally "come apart" when crossing the ecliptic! For images of a comet coming apart when crossing the ecliptic CLICK HERE. You'll note that much of the matter in the comet reforms, pulling back together. We believe that Hale Bopp also took a beating when crossing the ecliptic (CLICK HERE to see the image). This appears to fully support the idea of McCanney's electric comet. So when the comet passed through the ecliptic, we expected to see something... some kind of reaction with the sun. We haven't been disappointed. Once again the evidence supports the theory.

This graph appears to indicate that there has been a great connection made between the sun and this comet. What do you think? Yes the solar maximum is on the horizon (Jan-March 2000), but the change appears very abrupt and the date of occurrence is incredibly accurate.

This Quote from our friend Stan Deyo:
"At the VERY PEAK of Solar Cycle 19, there were five days of sunspots ranging from 316 - 355 during December 22-26, 1957. Also, October 28-30, 1957, the spot count was 317-334. Bear in mind, Solar Cycle 19 was The Worst solar cycle ever and we are not yet at the peak of Solar Cycle 23. Peak is currently expected Jan.-March 2000."

It should be pointed out that these numbers were not even seen with Hale Bopp. You can access Jan Alvestad's page HERE.

The next few months, should be exciting indeed!

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