Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey
Update #1 - August 22, 1999

By Marshall Masters

I've gotten several e-mails from site visitors, and with a wide range of opinions. Some claim to seen things I've never seen in any of the video clips, and others have chided me for being out-of-sync with Bible prophecy.

As to the prophecy angle there is this nice fellow, a Jehovah's Witness, who stops by my house on a regular basis. I mentioned all this to him, and his face lit up like Las Vegas marquee. He has promised to come back with a stack of Bible prophecy videotapes and books. Hmmm· I'll guess I'll have to keep you posted on that one as well.

However, one fellow by the name of John Caruso wrote a really great letter. What I'm going to do in this update, is answer the issues presented in John's e-mail. Then, I'll note what John missed in his analysis along with what I missed in my first analysis.

Submitted by John Caruso

Fri, 20 Aug 1999 03:40:14 -0700

"I would encourage Marshall Masters and Michael Bara / Richard Hoagland to view and *listen to* the 300k Windows Media clip found here:"

Thanks John. Several people have written about this clip. Your letter was the most helpful, and I have reviewed the clip at great length. I will respond to each of your questions, and then note other things that I found in this clip as well.

"Sometime before the totality, a commentator notes that a filter should be removed shortly, presumably to allow the corona to be clearly seen."

This video was part of simultaneous webcast from a viewing location in Amasya, Turkey and an Exploratorium auditorium located in San Francisco, CA. The commentator you mentioned was in San Francisco. When the filter is eventually removed, there is slight up-and-down jiggle in the picture.

Please refer to: 01:26:31 "It is about time for Paul to remove those filters from the camera and refocus."

At 01:26:39 Paul responds with: "We're waiting. We're waiting. On the words of Larry, I'll do it." This is the first and only time the cameraman speaks. He has a slight Eastern USA accent

"At approximately 1:27:35 in the clip, the totality begins. The camera appears to cut away, allowing the filter to be removed. Then, the mysterious objects are tracked for a moment, and the cameraman says "I've got Venus." Then, the camera returns to the sun's corona.

01:27:41 "I have Venus." The voice has an accent that is different from the man who acknowledged that he would change the filters on 'Larry's' command. He sounds younger, with a tone that seems to be more from the Midwest. What this means is that we do not really know what the cameraman said during the eclipse, if anything.

The mysterious objects are evidently the planet Venus, and a nearby star. The third object (Object C) definitely appears to be some type of light artifact - although I'm no video expert.

If you are right about Objects A and B, then we're two down and one to go. Oddly enough, Object C is the one that really has us wondering.

It's only there for a fraction of a second. (It is in this clip, btw - I was able to pause the player right.on it once.)

You must have lightening speed reflexes. I could never get the Real Audio file to stop on that particular frame. Nice to know Object C appears in both the MOV and RA formats. This is an important find. Nice going John.

Of course, this is still speculation. Perhaps someone could track down the cameraman by contacting the Exploratorium, and verify these conclusions?

We'd really appreciate it if you could personally run this down and let us know the results. We'll be sure to publish your findings.

I look forward to seeing an update on your websites.

John Caruso


*****  HERE IS WHAT I MISSED *****

We had one man with some very impressive video credentials express the opinion that the QuickTime video had been edited. What he said made sense, but the evidence was a bit thin. Then, I got your e-mail John, and started to review the QuickTime video clip again. This time, I had the QuickTime player and the Real Networks player side-by-side on my desktop and started viewing the same scenes on both files. This time I noticed some odd things I hadn't noticed before.

As the old saying goes, "the devil is in the details."

Best regards,

Marshall Masters

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