August 26, 1999

Photo by Gerald Rhemann

We recently received an email from a faithful reader and concerned person that intrigued us. He asked, like so many others have - why haven't there been any updates on Comet Lee from THE MILLENNIUM GROUP? He became very upset and decided to ask a certain fellow from JPL a question about the comet. He asked him, in all seriousness, if he should run and hide in a cave due to the approach of this comet. The answer came back, as I'm sure he expected, "Only if you're going on vacation" and added that he had noticed that it "was pretty quiet from the other side out there". Well, first of all, there's no *other* side. There are only people, families, tribes, neighbors, some more informed than others, some with varying opinions, but we are all recipients of what has been occurring on this earth.

As to the position and magnitude of the comet - It appears to be close to the previous ephemeris, but not right on. We'll reserve our opinion on this until a later date. As to magnitude - I recently sent a couple questions to an astronomer. Here is the image that the questions are about and his reply.

Dear Sir,

I really enjoyed your images of Comet Lee. In your image of August 21st can you tell me the name of the star just above the comet in the image? And can you please tell me which of the tails in the image is the Anti-tail? thank you for great images!

Hello Gary,

The star is a 7th magnitude star in Auriga. The antitail goes down in this picture.

Just a note concerning magnitude here - on this image:

I did not expect this response. You can clearly see the comet in the upper center of the picture. It has two tails, which I will discuss in the next paragraph. The reason that I asked about the star, was to see if the comet is on course as described by others who are in opposition to this site. The comet IS close enough to the ephemeris to say that it is on course. Of course we haven't heard the fat lady sing - so to speak and the stream of material accompanying it would be impossible to see here. We will hold our apologetics until a later date. As to the importance of the statement regarding the star - I find it fascinating that he didn't report the name of the star to me. Instead he states the MAGNITUDE! I am wondering if he is trying to tell me something? Now of course brightness is not a function of size necessarily (before the critics jump on that one). The comet obviously appears larger - about three times larger than the star. But that does not necessarily mean it is brighter. However, all you have to do is compare the brightness with the naked eye, and anyone can easily see that the comet is brighter than the 7th mag star! And not only a little brighter - much brighter. Brightness thru the telescope is determined by a widely accepted method. You basically find a comparatively bright star, that matches it and there you have it. Any guesses on what the brightness of Comet Lee was on the 18th, a little over a week ago - when this image was taken - compared to this 7th magnitude star, right next to it? 8.0 - the stated mag? NO WAY! I thank the astronomer for the tip off!

In the images above, Comet Lee has emerged into view from behind the sun. What appears to be two tails is actually a tail (going upward) and an anti-tail (going down in these pictures - in reality the anti-tail is connected with the sun). To us, this means that the comet has a powerful connection to the sun and indeed to the solar system. You may note that the two tails are not absolutely opposed to each other - that they form an arch or curve to one side of the frame. Since in nature we commonly find dielectric occurrences (negatively and positively charged currents), it is not out of the box to believe that these two tails form a large circle, somewhere in the distance (to the sun!) connecting again. One being positively charged and the other being negatively charged. This is the essence of the Plasma Discharge Model of Cometary Bodies. The anti-tail goes directly to the sun. The sun becomes an intermediary for the charge of the comet. There may be other connections, other bodies or planets that the charge passes through. For instance, last week Venus passed between the earth and the sun in what's called an inferior conjunction, a part of the alignment of what many are calling the grand cross.

CLICK HERE for the full sized image.

At the very very bottom of the SOHO image, you can see what looks like three comet tails, two small ones and a big one in the middle. Believe it or not this is Venus at inferior conjunction. So why the tails? Why do comets have tails? Simply there is an electrical connection between Venus and the sun and...

The solar system is alive with electrical energy. The following excerpt is from our very first installment on Comet Lee by Professor James McCanney:

"We must keep stressing the potential for electrical interaction not magnetic. Magnetic effects are real but they are by products of the true cause-electrical interactions. This could very well affect our magnetic field and Earth based weather. The big key here is the upcoming planetary alignments and that it will be the electrical plasma alignments not gravity that will be the potential harm givers. Most critical is the September 6, 1999 alignment of Venus, and Earth with the new Moon (with the Moon being to the sunward side of Earth) and with the C/Lee coming over and behind us in the non-sunward side. If the comet starts to kick up CME's in that alignment then we should see some truly horrible hurricanes develop in the Atlantic."

Once again let us reiterate: we have made no predictions concerning Comet Lee actually hitting the earth. Although not out of the realm of possibility, the more fearful threat is what is already occurring as related to the comet. We did document accurately what we believed to be the disrupting interaction between the sun and the comet when it passed through the ecliptic and when it passed closest (perihelion) to the sun (please see previous updates). For evidence of current connectivity and reactions and thus evidence of our true beliefs we give the following:

  • Salt Lake City tornado leaves 'surgical line of devastation' Aug 11, 1999 dead, at least 73 injured as twister roars across downtown
    • Tornadoes are unusual in Utah -- so unusual, in fact, that Wednesday's fatality was the first tornado death ever recorded in the state.
    • Only 38 twisters have been recorded in the entire state in the last decade.
    • The twister ripped through the heart of the city that will host the 2002 Winter Olympics, destroying 34 homes and damaging 87 others. 170 Million dollars damage!
    • For two more miles and about five more minutes, the twister -- classified as an F2, which has winds between 113 mph and 157 mph -- stomped through the city.
  • Tornado Hits Belgium Aug. 16, 1999
    • A tornado swept through the western Belgian city of Tournai late Saturday,injuring five people and damaging at least 300 homes and 100 cars. The powerful winds ripped roofs from buildings and smashed windows
  • Tornado Rips Through New Jersey Aug. 23, 1999
    • Two people were injured and roofs and siding were torn from a dozen homes in Long Beach Island, N.J., when a tornado that had formed as a waterspout over the Atlantic Ocean moved ashore last Friday. The tornado was packing winds of 110 mph when it ripped through an area of oceanfront property. Witnesses reported that the twister shook their homes and filled the air with swirling sand and debris.
  • New evidence shows Cape storm was a tornado Aug. 30, 1999
    • Weather forecasters at Cape Town's International Airport on Monday said they believed Sunday's freak storm on the Cape Flats in which five people died was caused by a tornado
    • The injury toll was 177 and 5000 were left homeless after the storm struck at about 6am.

  • Turkish earthquake kills Aug. 17, 1999
    • U.S. geologists said the quake registered a magnitude of 7.8, the strongest ever to hit western Turkey.
    • 20,000 dead and may go as high as 30,000
    • The pre- dawn quake, which was centered near the industrial city of Izmit, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Turkey's largest city, Istanbul.
  • Sea claims own toll in aftermath of quake
    • Degirmendere, Turkey appeared to have lost a chunk of its coastline some 250-300 metres long and 60 metres wide, all of it now submerged.
    • Municipal officials say almost two-thirds of Degirmendere's population of 45,000 have left town since the earthquake.
  • Moderate earthquake strikes in Montana No damage, injuries reported from 5.3-magnitude tremor
    • a magnitude of 5.3, was about 20 miles northwest of Lima, in the Red Rock Valley near the Idaho border. The tremor struck about 7:50 a.m. (9:50 a.m. EDT.)
    • People reported feeling the quake in Billings, Montana, about 200 miles to the east, and Butte, Montana, about 110 miles to the north. There were also reports of the tremor being felt in Yellowstone National Park, about 70 miles to the east.
    • Remember the last time you heard of an earthquake in Montana? Over 40 yrs ago!
  • Japan Rocked by Quake
    • Aug. 23, 1999 &emdash; A magnitude 5.5 earthquake jolted western and central Japan on Saturday morning at 5:33 a.m.
  • 5.0 quake jolts Bay Area Aug. 18, 1999
    • A short, sharp earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.0 jolted the San Francisco area during rush hour Tuesday.
    • The quake struck at 6:06 p.m. (9:06 p.m. EDT) and was centered near Bolinas, a coastal community about 20 miles north of San Francisco along the San Andreas fault

  • Hurricane Bret strengthens, spins toward rendezvous with Gulf Coast
    • Bret seemed to "come out of nowhere", gaining strength more rapidly than hurricanes generally seem capable of.
    • The storm gained steam Saturday as winds reached 135 mph, making Bret an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.
    • Bret was expected to spin off destructive tornadoes, drench the region with up to 10 inches of rainfall and hit the coast with a storm surge or wall of water measuring 10-15 feet, forecasters said.
    • Cameron County Judge Gilberto Hinojosa said officials will "hand out little body tags" to anyone who refuses to leave South Padre.
    • Fortunately the human losses were few.

  • DENNIS, CINDY and EMILY make their way to the United States!
    • We began to wonder if the predict high number of hurricanes would ever show up!
    • Within one week, first Brett and then these three lovelies, show up.
    • In addition to these potential hurricanes, there seems several other areas are building in the Atlantic heading our way.
    • The timing of their introduction just happenstance? Not hardly.
  • Typhoon Sam Takes Lives
    • Aug. 24, 1999 &emdash; Five people were killed and 12 others injured on Sunday when Typhoon Sam roared ashore in southern China near Hong Kong.
    • Sam left two people dead and nine injured after sweeping through the northern Philippines before it reached China. The victims were drowned in flash flooding triggered by pounding rains near the northern resort town of Baguio.
    • Were you even awares of this?

  • Volcano Warnings on Japanese Island
    • Volcano warnings were issued on Thursday when Japan's Mount Shindake Volcano on Kuchinoerabujima Island began to show signs of increased activity.
    • The 2,140-foot volcano is located in Kagoshima Prefecture about 620 miles southwest of Tokyo.
  • Ecuadorian Volcano Comes to Life
    • Aug. 25, 1999 Pichincha Volcano near Quito, Ecuador, burst into life on Tuesday, sending up a two-mile-high plume of water vapor.
    • Scientists at Ecuador's Geophysical Institute maintained that a serious eruption from the volcano, seven miles outside the city, was not imminent. Heard this before? Can we say Mt. Pinatobo, Mt. Serrat, etc etc?
    • The volcanic activity sent a wave of fear through nearby cities.

  • Hundreds of fires burning in Western U.S.
    • Hundreds of wildfires were burning Thursday across the West, where lightning, wind, 100-degree heat and low humidity have fueled the flames
    • The blazes have burned at least 40,000 acres of brush and trees and are blamed for at least one death.
    • Firefighters are expected to work into the weekend to contain dozens of wildfires that have burned more than 600,000 acres in Nevada.
    • What do wildfires have to do with comets? There have been a record number of lightening strikes in the west over the last few weeks. There have been record dry air and wind measurements noted. Remember, everything is electrical - the weather is controlled by the dissipation of the solar capacitor. The charge must ground itself out!

  • Deadly Flooding in Sudan
    • Aug. 16, 1999 - At least 11 people were killed in Khartoum and 50,000 others were left homeless in Sudan as floods washed over parts of the country in the past two weeks.
  • Devastating Flooding in Hunan
    • Aug. 16, 1999 - More than 100 people were killed and 120,000 others left stranded when flash floods triggered by pounding rains battered Hunan Province in central China last Thursday. Officials said that the torrential rain destroyed at least 30,000 homes.
    • China has experienced devastating flooding throughout the monsoon season this year and 5.5 million people have been left homeless by the disasters.
  • Killer Japanese Floods
    • Aug. 16, 1999 - Recent violent downpours have swelled numerous rivers in the Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama
  • Deadly Flash Flooding in Iran
    • Aug. 20, 1999 &emdash; Two people were killed and scores of others injured when floods triggered by torrential rains hit Iran's northwestern province of East Azerbaijan on Wednesday.

  • Crashed Taiwan airliner tried to land in high winds
    • Aviation officials said windshear -- a radical change in wind direction or speed -- should be investigated as a possible cause of the crash.
    • A fourth straight day of heavy rain on Wednesday forced Hong Kong to delay the removal of the battered hull of a crashed Taiwan jetliner from one of its two airport runways.
    • Increased aviation accidents have been noticed over the last two years, perhaps due to avionics disfunctions, due to heightened atmospheric electrical activity.
    • This accident is a toss up. Wind, rain, or electrical?

The Solar System is just that - a system. When something occurs on one end, something on the other end reacts. There is a constant change and flux. The situations above did not occur on their own. And although it's very easy to say that these things happen all of the time, please consider them as a whole and look at the intensity of the disasters. You will see that the en masse energy of the system is far above what it usually is. The result is a great loss of life and property. And even though an impact is always a possibility, regional damage due to a hit could actually be less than what is seen above. That would of course depend upon a number of variables.

Even though these examples are only a few of the disasters that have taken place over the same recent time period, there's a good chance if you're reading this, you or someone you know, has been affected by one of these tragedies.

And if not, let me ask a direct question: WHEN will your home and/or neighborhood be transgressed by one of these disasters?

People realize this - Our readers realize this. Many folks are questioning the relationship and many are wondering why science and our government are not standing up to evaluate this. Briefly, here are two of many letters from some insightful readers that you might find interesting:

Dear Mr Goodwin.

I live here in Melbourne Australia where we don't have earthquakes. Last night we recorded a tremor ranging in the 2 to 3 on the Richter scale. This is the largest tremor since records have been gathered. Whats more the whole state has suffered tremors and even other states in Australia have recorded tremors. I dont know much about physics and stuff but I ask you this is this just a coincidence or is the passing of comet Lee a direct effect of all of this. Just look at the poor people of Turkey. Like I said before we dont get earthquakes or tremors. And certainly not on the scale of the past few days. I thought you might be interested in this information. You guys do a great job. Keep it up.

And from another reader:

...What I really wanted to tell you about-on the news all day yesterday-August 25th-it told of a fishing vessel in the Atlantic (somewhere off Massachusetts) that was sinking and the 3 people had to be rescued by another fishing boat and a helicopter. My son came home that night and said "Ma, did you hear about the fishing boat that was sinking and they had to be rescued by another boat. The guys said their boat had been hit by meteors or asteroids or "rocks from the sky"." He said he heard it on one radio station driving home and then on a tv news broadcast. He said after that, when he heard the news again, there was no mention of what made the boat sink. I am going to try and research it myself to see if I can get any more information. My other son, reminded me that was what happened in "Armageddon"-the smaller meteors started to fall from the sky before they found the big one. Will keep you posted. Thank you for all the work you do.


Fishermen rescued before boat sinks
Three fishermen were rescued after their 73-foot fishing boat began taking on water 43 miles east
of Chatham on Tuesday. Coast Guard officials received a call for assistance just after 5 p.m.
Tuesday from the crew aboard the Lurdes and Lucy, based out of New Bedford. The fishermen
said they were unable to control flooding in the engine room. Another fishing boat, the Galaxy,
picked up the crew members, who were later transferred to a Coast Guard cutter. The vessel sank
at about 8:50 p.m., officials said, adding that the cause of the accident is under investigation.(AP)

Finally, let me bring up one other critical point.

Many folks who are in opposition to this organization, often use the reasoning that it is impossible to hide secrets from *We The People*, simply because there are too many people in government or NASA that would speak up. And they also reiterate, ever so strongly, that our government couldn't possibly lie to *We The People*. That if they knew that there was an imminent disaster they would tell *We The People*. That they would not allow the good citizens of these United States to suffer and die. Let me simply share this image with you and remind you of the news headlines this week:

"FBI admits it may have fired flammable devices in Waco siege"CNN

How can I associate this tragic crime with Comet Lee? This is the same government, this is the same ideology that keeps the secrets. The same paradigm that is the Big Bang. The same paradigm that oppresses and enslaves its citizens. Puts its citizens in bondage, taxed beyond boundaries to provide *Themselves* with things beyond comfort, and power that becomes mentally ill. Controlled so much that freedom is barely recognizable any longer. This is a Secret Combination and a secret society within a civilization.

Proprietary - what a word...what a concept.

And the comet continues to strengthen its connection with the sun, the earth and the planets... and it continues to come closer.

The word is: Prepare yourself. Emergency food supplies, medical supplies, and water. Start with the basics. Just start! If you think this is sensationalism, just ask any of the folks involved in the stories above.

gary d. goodwin


A very special thanks to CNN, the AP, Discovery, The Weather Channel and The Tax Payers!

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