Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey
Addendum to Update #2 - August 24, 1999
By Marshall Masters

A Personal Note From the Author

After the first update to Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey was posted, the E-mails started pouring in. Every time I retrieved my mail, there would another profound letter with an equally profound graphic file attachment. After looking at what seemed to be one-too-many graphic files, I finally shut down my computer and headed for the beach.

I live the Santa Cruz area of California, and my favorite beach straddles a small seaside community called Aptos. It was a typically warm and beautiful Northern Califonia day, and the beach area was packed with scantily clad sun bathers, smoking barbecues, blaring radios, dancing Oriental seniors and all of the other wonderful trappings of honest hard working people, enjoying their day of rest at the beach.

As I rambled through the ebbing surf, I watched young children building their first sandcastles on the beach. Unaware that I was looking on, proud parents held the hands of thier gleeful toddlers, as they immersed their tiny feet into the ocean-kissed sands of the blue Pacific for the very first time.

Occasionally, I would have to step aside as giggly teens chased one another in and out of the surf. During one of these improptu course changes, I watched a few young fellows demonstrate their bravado for the benefit of some very fascinated young girls.

In this moment, I realized the true importance of the Millenium Group and of all of us who visit and participate in the exchange of knowledge made possible by this site. Simply put, we are about the fragility and beauty of life, and the need to honor and protect it with unbiased knowledge.

When I came home, I viewed a video given to me by the Jehovah's Witness whom I'd mentioned in my last update. I must admit, it was a beautiful production that was both entertaining and informative. It reaffirmed the message that we will survive in the fullness of time. However, it regrettably stopped short of the facts we need to understand this very moment in time. But even so, it had a very clear message about the consequences of denial.

To live in denial is to partake of an opiate that denies us the true beauty of lie. Consequenlty, when when we let our bravado or our vested interests dictate our perceptions, we usually find ourselves on sinking ships.

For example, bravado and vested interests have given us:

  • Titanic, April 14, 1912: The owners viewed lifeboats as neccesary decorations for an unsinkable ship.
  • Battleship Arizona, December 7, 1941: The result of a government that knowingly ignored the many signs.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger, January 28, 1986: The result of an agency that had traded safety for political gain.

Many is the time I've sat down to my keyboard with a heavy heart, knowing that our species collectively faces an uncertain and turbulent future. Yet, my walk on that sun-kissed Aptos beach reminded me of my own personal responsibility to, as the Bible tells us, "do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God."

Until our race learns to collectively choose knowledge over denial, and truth over bravado, we will continue to find ourself on sinking ships. Until then, the only solice I offer you is: Learn what you can learn; do what you can do; and take whatever comfort in this you can.

Marshall Masters
The Millennium Group

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