AUGUST 1997 Update and more unanswered questions

(Updated 8-1-97)

Over the past two years there has been a bevy of controversy as to whether or not there was (or "is") a "companion" object with Hale Bopp. It is well accepted in the scientific community that comets are often accompanied by debris and/or other bodies on their swing through our region of the Solar System. There has been, of course, many critical opinions against the possibility that such debris or bodies came in with this comet of the century. There has also been unargued and unopposed evidence presented on this page in a number of updates. The following is simply more evidence for this fact. The possibilities are presented, following this revalatory evidence, in the time honored spirit of this webpage, of simply asking the questions. And again, evidence that NASA and our government, is covering up data and images from the view of the public eye. These diary entries are from evaluations of images taken by the satellite SOHO, which is between the earth and the sun. What we are refering to here as censuring is what NASA calls "data dropout". These black rectangles and croppings show up in interesting areas of the photos and at interesting times, as we have observed over the past two years of following the site. We have also seen these "pop up" on a few images from the recent Mars Pathfinder. Curious that these "drop outs" have not been frequently observed in other satellite images. The object that is referenced is not Venus nor Mercury which does appear periodically and at expected periods in the photos. And some of the objects may be Saturn, but not all.

  • 3 April '97 - Object seen, telemetry line.
  • 19 April '97 - Severe cropping, object seen at bottom of image.
  • 12 May '97 - Severe cropping, top and bottom, two censured areas.
  • 13 May '97 - Object seen, left center with telemetry line.
  • 14 May '97 - Plumes/tail streamers in lower left of image.
  • 15 May '97 - Object in upper left , at approx. 45 degrees off of ecliptic.
  • 16 May '97 - Object lower right, telemetry line through it.
  • 17-19 May '97 - Severe cropping top and bottom. (Hale Bopp crossing ecliptic-not seen in photo).
  • 20 May '97 - Censured area lower right.
  • 22 May '97 - Severe cropping.
  • 24 May '97 - Severe cropping top and bottom. Four separate descending censured areas from left top to right bottom.
  • 26 May '97 - No object seen.
  • 27 May '97 - Top of photo censured.
  • 28 May '97 - Very large object at top center of photo.
  • 29 May '97 - Top of photo censured.
  • 31 May '97 - No object.
  • 1 June '97 - No object seen.
  • 2 June '97 - Severe cropping top and bottom, plume/tail streamer left side.
  • 3 June '97 - Severe cropping top and bottom, plume/tail streamer from far left side of image.
  • 5 June '97 - Object lower left of solar disk at approx. 30 degrees, material coming off object, line thru object for telemetry.
  • 9 June '97 - Object above and left of solar disk, in normally cropped area, censured area lower right area.
  • 11 June '97 - Severe cropping, object seen above left of solar disk.
  • 12-13 June '97 - Severe cropping, top and bottom, no object seen.
  • 14 June '97 - Severe cropping, top and bottom, censured black box on extreme right at equatorial plane.
  • 15-17 June '97 - Severe cropping top and bottom on image, no object seen.
  • 18 June '97 - Object upper right.
  • 19 June '97 - Plume or tail streamer on extreme right of image, large object upper right.
  • 21 June '97 - Severe cropping, possible object at lower right side of image.
  • 23 June '97 - Severe cropping, upper and lower, streamer like tail from lower right cropped area.
  • 24 June '97 - Severe cropping, upper and lower.
  • 25 June '97 - Censured black area, lower right quadrant, Mercury distorted badly.
  • 26 June '97 - Cropped above and below, object directly below sun, with trailing streamers.
  • 29 June '97 - Not cropped, object directly below sun, three "streamers" from object.
  • 2 July '97 - Mercury trails, cropped image.
  • 3 July '97 - Mercury larger, cropped image.
  • 5 July '97 - Sizable object in lower half of image.
  • 7 July '97 - Top of photo censured.
  • 9-11 July '97 - Photo censured/blacked out.
  • 13 July '97 - Object to left of solar disk.
  • 14 July '97 - Object in same position as yesterday.
  • 15 July '97 - Object almost over pole with streaks and streamers, from Sun?
  • 17 July '97 - Top of photo totally censured.
  • 19 July '97 - Object seen at top of image with telemetry line.
  • 20 July '97 - Object at top of photo.
  • 23 July '97 - Much cropping, multiple bodies.

    In this last example, the satellite has been directed to what appears to be "another target". But the target is blacked out in the center of the frame. The risk of changing the orientation of a billion dollar satellite has its dangers - namely, loss of the satellite. But apparently this target was worth the risk!

    So what is this thing (or things)? And why are the people at the SOHO/LASCO project trying to conceal it? As stated above, the explaination concerning the blocks of blackout on the images has been that they are simply "dropouts" in the data. If that's the case, then why don't we see these similar "dropouts" in other satellite images? And isn't it curious the pattern that they follow? Also note that in one image they have placed a line through the object, suggesting that they are indeed measuring and documenting its telemetry. This idea is also supported by the fact that they have actually changed the view of a billion dollar satellite to follow and image the object.

    So here are the questions:
  • Is one of these objects the one that was originally seen and labeled as the "companion"?
  • Is this debris from the explosion of Hale Bopp that occurred when it passed Jupiter?
  • What are the true sizes of these objects?
  • Is this a totally separate object, unassociated with Hale Bopp?
  • Since there is very limited information available, could it be that one or more of these objects is very large, and approaching from a great distance?
  • Are these asteroids that Hale Bopp has perturbed, in its violent encounter with our Solar System?
  • Is NASA's attention to this object due to the danger it poses to the Earth?

  •   Is there a catastrophe in our near future? How would we know? 
    copyright 1996/1997 gary d. goodwin