Special Links To Other Information Concerning Hale Bopp

(Updated 8-1-97)

Asteroids And Other Near Earth Object Information:

AMOS is the Air Force/NASA project in Hawaii that searches for Near Earth Objects.

Comet Busters By Peter Tyson is an interesting site concerning NEO's. Great links!

Gary Kronk's Comet Page An excellent page with information on Hyakutake, Hale Bopp and the comet of 1811.

The Minor Planet Center has a variety of useful information on comets and asteroids.

NEAT = Near-Earth Asteriod Tracking specializes in studying and cataloging asteroids whose orbits bring them close to the Earth. Thus they could have the potential someday to collide with the Earth.

NEAR = Near-Earth Asteriod Rendezvous studies the possibility of spacecraft intervention with these objects.

ROSAT The home page of the satellite that discovered Xrays in Hyakutake.

General Information:

ASTRONOMY Magazine online Has maps and good general info concerning comets and other astronomical interests.

The Astronomer is a U.K. online mag, also with many good references and information.

The European Space Organization has numerous excellent links and much information on Hale Bopp.

HAARP You have to see this one to believe it!

JPL is the grand daddy of it all. This should probably be your starting place.

NASA Ames Corporation is the home of the Hubble Space telescope (HST) and dozens and dozens of other pages with more than interesting info.

Periodic Table at Los Alamos Research Center has a search engine to provide you with densities and other aspects of the elements found in our environment. I found it particularly helpful. And a great learning tool for your kids!

The Planetary Society organization is devoted to the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life.

The Smithsonian Astronomical Organization has many informative pages, including the Astronomical bulletin.

The Sun and Coronal Mass Ejection Information:

CME paper entitled, "Tongues, bottles, and disconnected loops: The opening and closing of the interplanetary magnetic field."

The Geophysical Union has numerous papers on CME's, planet science and earth sciences. Very informative, however technical at times.

The NOAA Sunspot Page is where you can find the latest numbers on sunspots and a thorough history of sunspot numbers.

National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak.

SOHO LASCO Satellite Sun Projects has images of the sun kept both up to the half hour and archived. Excellent resource!

ULYSSES Solar Satellite Home page.

Earthquake and Weather Data:

NCDC Home Page for weather resources ans satellite images.

The Natural Disaster Reference Database (NDRD) is located at the Goddard Space Flight Center and provides much info on natural disasters.

Climate Prediction Center Products NOAA ozone monitoring images.

TOVS Total Ozone Analysis presents a little different view of ozone satellite info

The Saint Louis Earthquake Data Center The "hub" of earthquake research.

Susan Rosenberg's Quaking Home Page An excellent source for EQ info.

THE CHARLOTTE KING EFFECT Ms. King has the ability to interpret the body's reaction to changes in the EMF and translate that into when and where the next quake will strike! Fascinating and proven phenomenon! Most definitely worth a long look.

The USGS site has up to the minute (actually-daily) earthquake reports from around the world.

State Of The Earth Data:

The Ark Institute A valuable source of information concerning the state agriculture production and on-hand supplies in the U.S..

Earth Week Is probably the most important site on the web evaluating natural disasters and unusual happenings.

Survival Needs:

No Doomsday Is a document that I believe provides the best source on the net for survival in a number of different kinds of disasters. As the title says, "NO Doomsday" is necessary if you're prepared!

The Survival Bible Provides many tactics that could come in handy, in the event...

Frugal Squirrel's Homepage for Survivalists Not just for the politically incorrect!
  This company provides food storage and has an extensive list of products. A good place to start and to get an idea of your needs. Remember, you should store the things that you eat and eat the things you store. 

Alternative links:

I'm sure I'll get some criticism for sharing these links. Statements that they are unscientific or the like. Please don't bother. I believe that these links have much to offer to those that maintain open minds and are searching as I am for an answer to this presented concern.  

THE NEW HOME of Chuck Shramek!

There have been many individuals that have contacted me with religious and spiritual perspectives to this coming event. This is definitely the most informative from the Jewish historical, scriptural and prophetic perspective. 
Although I may not agree with many of Mr. Holden's views on catastrophism, he presents an excellent page on Velikovsky, Clube and others. Anyone interested in the possibilities that we may face in the future, should read everything he has here.   
  This site, known as Mythscape/Kronia has more information on catastrophe theory. Most in the mainstream of science have shunned these important researchers. This is an excellent site to begin your review of the current literature. 
Incredible accuracy in seismic disturbances. You need to follow her predictions to believe it for yourself!
Contact Charlotte for a free week of Daily Email Alerts to see for yourself!

More to come! If you have any sites you would like to see represented here, send me an Email and let me know! I would also appreciate knowing if any of the above sites have changed or are not working for you. Again, Let me know!

  Is this comet, Hale Bopp a threat to our Planet? 
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