The Controversy Over "The Object"

(Updated 12-9-96)

This image, one of the few available by the HST, was taken on August 15, 1995. This was of course before the "Pinwheel" image which was taken September 26, 1995 (see Fig 2 ). This is a total of 42 days between the two images. Again, if these two (or three, including upper image) bright areas on the comet are not volcanic activity, are they "objects" orbiting Hale Bopp? And if they are "chunks" as NASA and others have suggested, why haven't they moved out and away from the nucleus 42 days later? By the way, each pixel represented on this image is "300 MILES" across. Just add them up or do the math! Either way, this comet is huge!  

Here's another familiar image to those that have been following the story. Note that the objects identified appear to be "in front" of Hale Bopp. Most have a streak trailing them, suggesting tails or dust trails. Are these fragments of the greater comet?

These two images were taken in August of this year. The name of the astronomer that took these pictures will be protected, to prevent the onslaught that occurred against Mr. Shramek this past month. Due to the exposure time of these images, the background stars are streaked across the frame. Notice that the "objects" move with the comet. The distance between comet and object is comparable to the distance displayed in the other pictures on this page. This distance appears greater than the previous distance due to the fact that the comet is approximately 4 AU's closer.

This image may look familiar. It is the image taken on July 16 of this year, previously cited in this document (See Fig 3 ). The "object" in this picture, again is not a star, as it is not streaked as the stars in the background. The distance is similar to the previous picture. But notice that this object has a "halo" like field around the darker body, imaged because of the type of filter used. The jets that extends to the object from Hale Bopp appears to be deterred from reaching the dark body of the object. Does this suggest a field? Or the alternative explanation, is that this is a cosmic ray. Too many coincidences!

At this point I am not willing to say that this is an alien ship or anything of the kind. I simply pose the question as to what these objects are in these pictures. Chuck Shramek may have accidentally imaged a star-I don't really know. But these pictures are all from professional astronomers and available to anyone on the net. Keep in mind that these three images are from three different sources taken at three (or four) different times. I will entertain any alternative ideas as to the explanation of these objects. As a conservative belief, I tend to think that Hale Bopp possesses a field and that it has accompanying bodies.

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