A Salute To Chuck Shramek:

The Companion Objects Of Hale Bopp; One Model Of Development And Behavior In Our Solar System!

(Updated 12-20-96)

We've all now become quite familiar with Chuck's image (above) that caused such a controversy as of recent days. Chuck and I began communicating about Hale Bopp back in January of 1996. We both knew that there was indeed something peculiar and different about this comet. Both of us sought out information in our own way, but we both knew that all of the information about this intriguing "object" was being withheld by the so-called authorities in the field. They were in the field alright! That is... hiding in the cornfield! Hiding the truth from the tax paying public. Whether or not there is a disaster coming, or even space travelers as some may believe, We The People are entitled to The Truth About Hale Bopp! As the recent letter writing campaign, soaring in numbers higher and higher shows, many more than ever expected, want to know the truth. It also reveals the fact that John Q. Public doubts the honesty of the status quo.

I watched in great pain as every person out there thinking themselves an expert, took cheap shots at Chuck. Some were experts by today's standards, but most simply climbed on the band wagon joining in a feeding frenzy that would've made the "judges" at the Salem Witch Trials jealous!
I must admit that even I had doubts when I saw the Palomar Star charts, but in the same breath, I felt a gnawing feeling in my gut that said there was something to these images. I knew Chuck to be honest in our communications, so I immediately ruled out the lowly charge that so many had accussed him of. I knew that there were other objects, but with the limited number of images that we had been able to glean from the internet, it was impossible to prove. Until now...

The following is what I believe to be the evolution of Hale Bopp from August of 1995, until the present. As I have previously said, information has been almost impossible to glean from the expected sources, so images have been collected from a wide area. Even when images have been presented to the public through the medium of the press or the internet, they have been processed to the point of irrecognition. Pictures have been washed and cleaned to remove many details that would have likely given the experts in the public a chance to see what is really going on. Therefore it has taken some time to gather enough material to support the "companion object theory".
Yes of course there will be doubt even after some see these images, and there will be a strenuous argument from the so-called experts. But We The People will not be silent in our search for the Truth About Hale Bopp.

(The images below are clickable)

On August 15th of 1995 this image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). At this date Hale Bopp was approaching from behind and below Jupiter, at about 7 AU's (7 X 93,000,000 miles) from the sun. It approached Jupiter spinning clockwise as seen from the apparent motion of the body. Note the bright spot that lies outside of the motion of the comet. At least one companion was already present at this early date. For reasons later explained in this article, we believe the comet has a "dipolar field", with its southern pole facing us. The concept is easily understood: the comet, like the planets, behaves as a bar magnet, much like the ones you may have played with as a child. One end is positive and the other is negative. 

  This is the now infamous "pinwheel" image. The date on this image is September 26 1995. By this date, Hale Bopp is becoming relatively closer to Jupiter and closer to Jupiter's own magnetosphere (Jupiter's own ElectroMagnetic field, which is pushed out into the solar system by the solar wind). At this point the object, for what ever reason is not readily visible. What is visible is the violent reaction of Hale Bopp's own field to Jupiter's field. It is beginning to be rocked with deep seismic reaction and thus volcanic activity, spewing out magma and material away from its inertial flight. Just as in bar magnets, like repelling like and opposites attracting, the comet and Jupiter fight for position in the depths of the solar system. Jupiter's south pole, unlike Earth's, faces upward, the same direction that Hale Bopp's inertia is attempting it to carry it-upward through the ecliptic. The two poles of these great giants are pushing against each other like two wrestlers in a match to the death. But Hale Bopp cannot win the battle over this Olympian. 

  Finally, late in October, Hale Bopp could no longer take the strain of the tug o' war with Jupiter. It exploded chunks and pieces into space, but refused to let go of all of them, holding several tight within its powerful EM field. Some were caught in Jupiter's field and sucked into its great body, renewing to a lesser degree, the destruction of ShoemakerLevy9 in 1994. 

  This image shows several of the objects as they were literally blown away from the main body. These images, taken over four days, show the bodies trying to move away, but then being pulled back in under the influence of Hale Bopp's field. What is not seen here, are the numerous other bodies either too small, washed out by processing, or already out of the frame of view. 

This highly processed image reveals the ElectroMagnetic field that Hale Bopp possesses. This image clearly shows that the bodies seen in the previous image are indeed traveling with the comet. Notice the aberrations in the plasma coma (the red dispersed area). The plasma (highly charged ions) reacts to each one of these, creating a "handhold" in the space around them. There is at least one "great" body, in addition to the main body of the comet and the other numerous companions. This is the area that is artificially highlighted by the white halo, above and to the right of the comet. The field of Hale Bopp reacts vigorously and strongly, in an unexpected direction, to hold it within its grasp. Gravity alone would not display the strength that is holding these objects in tow. The immensity of the comet's size in addition to its makeup of iron, magnesium and other conductive materials, make Hale Bopp a powerful entity within our solar system. The comet continues to battle with the Red Giant Jupiter for domain in local space.

  By April, Hale Bopp's inertia has carried it away from the immediate struggle with Jupiter. It has escaped the battle, but not without a high price. Jupiter's great field strength has torn pieces and chunks from its huge body, and has forced the comet to comply to its will by aligning the comet in a south-north polar fashion, more or less parallel to the ecliptic. It is now being pulled by the effects of the sun as it is pushing with inertia along the Interplanetary Magnetic Field. In this image, the great northern jet is beginning to form. The object "behind" the main body is indeed not a star, as the rhetorical question asks. It is the result of the torture suffered at the hand of Jupiter. After the alignment which occurred in approximately 40 days, ending in early April, the "planetoid" began to spew out tons of internal and surface-solid, liquid and gasseous material. Perhaps more pieces and chunks creating companion bodies. 

  Most people have come to know these images of the "two eyes of Hale Bopp" quite well. The area of space behind the main body is a violent and tumultuous world. Havoc is too mild of a definition for this electrically charge area that is filled with material and mountain sized bodies. There is at least one Companion that rivals Hale Bopp for size and position. But just as Hale Bopp lost its battle with Jupiter, so this evolving body often loses. Hale Bopp is differentiated, with a powerful EM field that will make the Earth "faint". So the mountain sized chunks and pieces of all different shapes and sizes, in addition to the at least one very large (and I mean VERY LARGE) object, struggle in the dynamically changing orbit of Hale Bopp. The orbits are not what we see in our system, where the planets glide smoothly in their paths around the sun. The orbits are areas of domination, dynamically changing, motivated by ElectroMagnetic charges, gravity and intertia. Powerful arcs of electrical charges flash between the bodies, moving them and aligning them in an ever changing field of view. What is there today may not be there tommorrow or even the next moment. Every one of Hale Bopp's court lie at the will of the great comet. 

  The Great Northern Jet is seen here in all of its power. The great companion, later seen in Chuck Shramek's image, is easily seen up and to the left of the main body. It is encapsulated in a field of its own, suggesting that it too has a field, but without the volatiles or injuries of Hale Bopp, causing HB to appear more like a traditional comet. Other bodies are readily seen in the shadow of the great jet, as you look closely. We see that the comet is now well aligned to the ecliptic, in the same fashion and polar alignment that the Earth and Sun are oriented.

In late November the controversy exploded over the "companion". Chuck Shramek's image raised a flurry of criticism on one hand and support on the other. The pictures below should add heat to the fire, if not answer this perhaps unanswerable question. The quoted email is from Pat Parinello, an expert on imaging (His URL is provided below). He has processed the Hale Bopp images concerning the "companion" object, that Chuck Shramek had taken. He then processed two other pictures that have been used in an attempt to depose Chuck. He then took these images and has completed a compelling comparison that is displayed below. This email is to the producers of a third image used against Chuck.

Dear Sirs,

I have found what appears to be a discrepancy in photos taken by a gentleman in Houston Texas, and the photo taken by yourselves on the evening of November 14, 1996 of the comet Hale Bopp.
The included AVS1114.jpg is a contrasted overlay of the Houston & your photos. Note the datum stars, these have been precisely aligned. It would seem that the large bright star to the right of the comet would also be aligned precisely center to center as has been the case with other comparisons I have done. I have found in all cases, except yours, when the technique I use is applied using maps provided by the astronomy community, that these maps align perfectly.
I have also included 3overlay.gif which shows yours and the Shramek photos and Mr. Sipe's Map all overlaid and aligned using the two datum stars.
Thank you in advance,

Orville L. Parrinello

(A full size of the image that this letter refers to can be seen HERE.)

This is the comparison image that clearly shows that 1) The comet has moved, 2) The two datum stars are perfectly matched up and 3) The companion has Moved with the comet Hale Bopp ! This shows that the companion object is not the star found on the Palomar Plates. STARS DO NOT MOVE!

And one more for assurance; The two plates above in addition to the SIPE image, concretely displays that the large companion HAS moved with Hale Bopp.

So what does all of this really mean? First, it is a well known fact that there are objects in our Solar System that travel in groups due to ElectroMagnetism. They need proximity, size and perhaps something called differentiation. Differentiation is a phenomonen wherein the body has a core of metallic origin and is surrounded by a crust. Sometimes it appears that water is necessary to provide the conductivity. But generally speaking it may not be absolutely necessary to be a "dynamo" to create a field and therefore does not have to be the case in Hale Bopp. But in the Dynamo theory the core turns at a different speed than the crust, creating an effect like a simple electric motor. It is believed that the process of differentiation takes great heat to create. This has not been proven, as this is a fairly new concept. Hale Bopp surely has the proper materials to create conductivity and it indeed has proximity to its companions. It is also possible that its largest companion also has a field, which gives it the glow seen around it in some of the previous pictures. This companion has now created a struggle similar to the one that Hale Bopp previously had with Jupiter. There is great evolvement in their relationship and the movement together is dynamic, as it is with the other lesser objects that are traveling with the comet.

The second and most important consideration, is that this makes the comet and its companions very unstable and very powerful. What will happen as it approaches the largest source of ElectroMagnetism in our Solar System? Will it be drawn in to the Sun? What would happen if this were the case? Could it battle with the Sun as it has with Jupiter? There are so many possibilities it is impossible, without the proper data and computer models, to predict an outcome. All we can do is prepare for many possible outcomes. But there are those that know more and have the appropriate equipment to tell us. If they only would!

So it seems that Chuck is right! We can only hope that Hale Bopp will pass without serious damage or effect to our planet. It is a real possibility that it will pass and just be a beautiful sight in the sky. But the opposite is too a real possibility. Perhaps if we had all of the images and data available we wouldn't feel so insecure about this event. Instead of data and untouched images, we only get static noise and excuses. Perhaps this is a good reason to believe that Hale Bopp is indeed a threat.

The above processing was done by Pat Parrinello. You can access his siteHERE.

  Is this comet, Hale Bopp and its companions a threat to our Planet? 
copyright 1996 gary d. goodwin