The Two Eyes Of Hale Bopp

fig 8

This image was taken on 6/23/96 by amateurs in New Mexico and shows what appears to be two eerie eyes looking down on us! The span of time that elapsed was reported to be approximately fifty minutes. The bright spots appear to separate and then seem to move back together. So far away, the separation between the two spots is quite a distance. This second bright spot cannot be a star as stars do not move, only in a background behind an object such as a comet, asteroid or planet. In addition this object does not appear on any known charts. The only known force that could separate objects of this size, for such a distance and then return in such a short period of time, is an EM field.

So what is this strange behavior? There appears to be at least several possibilities. First, Hale Bopp may be traveling in a group and this may be evidence of a large "chunk" that NASA previously referred. What may be more likely, and in fact may be in addition to this last idea, is that Hale Bopp does in fact possess a field. This may be an outburst of plasma and then a retraction. If the size of Hale Bopp is not disputed or disproven, this may likely be the answer.

Another possibility, is that this may be a reaction of Hale Bopp to the IMF (Interplanetary Magnetic Field). In the Image below, a comet in recent years broke apart as it passed through the IMF, and then unbelievably regrouped itself back on its journey to the Sun.

fig 8b

But it is unlikely that this is a variation of what we are seeing with Hale Bopp due to the fact that the comet was not crossing the IMF barrier at the time. Therefore, evidence to support the theory that Hale Bopp does indeed possess an EM field. But what did happened to Hale Bopp when it did cross the IMF? See HaleBopp's orbit (fig 5), showing a possible effect of the IMF upon the comet.

  Are we in danger? Is there something that we could be doing to prepare, if we were only told? 
copyright 1996 gary d. goodwin