Mars and July 2000 -- Life or Death

By Marshall Masters
and John Maynard
March 12, 2000

Mission to MarsDespite the initial bad reviews by many critics, the movie Mission to Mars was still a box office hit this past weekend. Perhaps, the early reviewers overlooked how this film seems to touch both our primal need and passion for exploration.

Regardless of any opinion, if this film helps to generate public enthusiasm for a real manned mission to Mars, then it may come to be regarded as one of Hollywood's greatest gifts to mankind. That is, if it can help generate a global passion for the exploration of Mars that is large enough to overcome the attendant difficulties of time, distance and expense.

We at TMG believe that the time and the vital need for this passion is at hand, and that this summer, we shall see that the key to our future and to our past may well lie with the planet Mars.

We've Been Warned

Many prophets, seers and visionaries such as Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and the children of the Fatima Prophecies tell us that we are at the cusp of history. And perhaps, they are telling to that unless we wish to go the way of the Brontosaurus that we better wake up and take action.

For the sake of argument, let's take a brief look at Nostradamus. By many accounts, he warns us that some event surrounding Mars will herald a dark and deadly passage for our species. In his most recently quoted quatrain, 10:72, Nostradamus tells us:


In the year 1999 and seven months,

The Great King of Terror will come from the sky.

He will bring back to life the great king of Angolmois,

Before and after Mars reigns happily.

This quatrain has stirred a tremendous debate within the Internet community at large, and two statements from this quatrain can be literally interpreted:

Is Nostradamus, (like many other noted prophets, seers and visionaries) telling us that the events surrounding Mars this summer will herald the end of civilization as we know it, or are they simply sending us an emphatic wake up call? Who knows? But there is much more to this story than the writings of Nostradamus.

We May Witness Something Incredible This Summer

Mars and 76/P, June 2000The Red Planet offers us the opportunity to learn the importance of prospering as a unified species, so that we may survive the machinations of a violent universe.

This summer, we may see how the universe begins the process of terraforming should Comet 76/P be drawn into Mars's gravity well and impact the planet. Granted, the chance is extremely slim but nonetheless it this there, just like a lottery ticket.

After all, haven't we lived to witness the awe and fear-inspiring site in July 1994 as 21 pieces of comet Shoemaker Levy 9 impacted on Jupiter. Congress sure did. After the SL9 impacts on Jupiter, the congress funded a comet impact defense program when it passed the NASA Multiyear Authorization Act of 1990.

Why This Is Important

At TMG we do not view these coming events as the unavoidable results of any ancient prophecy. For us, the future is yet to be written and our hope is that the events unfolding around the planet Mars this summer will inspire mankind in positive ways so as to ensure our continued survival as a species.

Take a close look around you. As a species, we must admit that we're waddling about in our own filth.

Without a doubt, we are fouling our own habitat. But, if we can develop the technology to create a renewable ecosystem on Mars, we may just develop the very technology we need to restore or at least stabilize the ecosystem of our own planet.

Since we first discovered the added leverage of a bone club, our species has enjoyed safe harbor in a violent universe. For a benign modicum of cosmic time we've enjoyed the prosperity of thought and courage, needed to propel ourselves past the gravity well of our own planet where we can ensure the eventual survival of our species. If we squander this precious moment with a much foresight as a Brontosaurus, then we only have ourselves to blame.

There Is a Future

In the coming months, TMG will publish a series of essays about the important events that may or may not unfold on this barren planet this summer. Further to that, The Millennium Group now wishes to go on record for the following two propositions:

Launch of Apollo IIIs this a reasonable way to spend this money? Before you answer that question remember that every new car on the road today uses at least ten microprocessors. The computer you're reading this on uses a microprocessor; the diagnostic tools your doctor will use to save your life or that of someone you love uses microprocessors. And none of this, and I mean none of this would have been possible if President John F. Kennedy had not given us the precious gift of inspiration and the commitment needed to put a man on the moon.

Without the microprocessors, which we now take for granted, we could never have conquered the distance between our planet and our moon. From a financial standpoint, this was a pure science endeavor that returned no less than ten dollars of value for every dollar invested.

Please stay tuned to this web site over the coming months for new information, thoughts and ideas about what may be mankind's greatest challenge to date, and likewise it's greatest hope. Join the debate. Dream the dream. There is a future!

Marshall Masters
John Maynard

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