Is Mars Facing A Comet Hit In May?
by gary d. goodwin & Raymond Ward



FACT: It has been the stated policy and practice of this page to ask questions. We have never (as some may want you to think) made rash or predictive statements concerning the end of the earth via asteroid or comet hit.

It may just be that the following words will be the closest we ever make that can be called rash or predictive! So listen up!

FACT: NASA representatives have officially said that when and/or if an object (primarily an asteroid) is estimated to pass within 30,000 miles of the earth, it can be considered to be an "IMMINENT HIT"!

FACT: On May 28-29th of this year (2000) the comet 76P West-Kahoutek-Ikemura will pass less than 30,000 miles to Mars according to the information made available to us. THIS IS A CONSERVATIVE FIGURE! It will likely be much closer than this and may indeed be pulled into the planet itself. Using the starmap program Starry Night and inputting the figures provided at the Minor Planet Center, Mars and 76P will pass within 43 arc seconds of each other as viewed from 2AU. According to the men and women who know, this can be considered an IMMINENT IMPACT! You may recall that this supposition was coined during the flaring of tempers that occurred during the infamous east-west coast argument between Brian Marsden and Don Yeomans. It was all over an asteroid that was thought to be on a collision course with the earth sometime in the next few decades. Well out of their own mouths...

CLICK HERE for MARS.MOV(Quicktime movie)

ASTROARTS also has an available simulation and a well written history can be found on Gary Kronk's page.

FACT: The two well known moons of mars, Phobos and Deimos, orbit Mars at respectively 3700 miles and 12,500 miles above Mars' surface. Think that they're in trouble here? It's very possible that if either of these moons pass near this comet, that they may be ripped from their orbits. (BTW, both moons are believed to be captured asteroids).

Now I'm beginning to wonder about all of the recent missions to Mars! What are they doing? Did we really lose all of the probes and landers, or are they still there doing their dirty work? More questions, more questions!

FACT: Unfortunately, on the date in question, Mars will be near opposite the sun from our view.

If Mars is hit by this comet (speed and other figures to come), what will happen to the planet? Is this what happened to Mars to strip it of its oceans and rivers millennia ago? If it hits, will it pulverize Mars into dust? Will we see the birth of another moon? Will we be in danger of debris being thrown into our orbit? What are the possibilities?

FACT: 76P's orbit goes out to Jupiter's orbit and back to Mars. This is not unlike our report on Machholz which we believe is a part of another famous so-called comet, ShoemakerLevy 9. We documented this in a previous article. However this comet was discovered many years before the advent of SL9.

FACT: NASA likely already knows the answers to all of these questions. Do you wonder why they haven't said anything yet? Wouldn't they want to keep us nuts in the bin? Head us off at the pass, so to speak?

FACT: In the published ephemeris, the days where the possible impact could occur, all of the information is MISSING! Yes, concerning the days in question it is true that the comet is not in our view, it's behind the sun. But why not post the ephemeris anyway?

FACT: If this comet does hit, any evidence of past life on Mars would surely be eradicated. Will NASA do something dumb? Give that some thought.

This article has not been posted for frivolous reasons. This is a genuine concern. We have had some incredible occurrences in the heavens over the last few years; SL9 hitting Jupiter and Hale Bopp to name two. This may even top those events!

We will present more evidence as it comes available.

UPDATE: 4 March 2000 - NASA finally comes up with the story after TMG breaks the story! Here's the report from Hal Blondell:

"Hi everyone,
Well, finally today (3.04.00) NASA and JPL added the Mars cometary flyby coming up to their official Space Calendar of events. Here is the ~official~ listing for the event just added today... Jun 05 -[Mar 04] Comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura Near-Mars Flyby (0.0431 AU)
Something of note [perhaps] is that this is the first time in years of watching the Space Calendar events, that they [NASA/JPL] have ever listed a comet or asteroid as being a near-Mars flyby... Why, IAM not certain? If its because comets and asteroids so seldom do a flyby of Mars, why do we get so very many of them here at Earth? Since the information has been known for at least several weeks now, why did NASA wait until today to add it to their calendar of events? Is it mere coincidence that the story about the comet and its encounter with Mars broke on the alternative and paranormal web sites in the past 48 hours or so? Things may get very interesting in June/July."

It also appears that we are being called the purveyors of gloom and doom again on the proNASA site linked above. We desire no conflict with these folks and we will not resort to name calling as they have now and in the past. Here's his comment:

"On a sad note, this close approach is being reported as a possible collision by one internet group that has failed on all its previous attempts to predict doom. Unfortunately, people seem to have short memories and are believing this Internet group once again. There is no chance of a collision. There is no chance of pieces of Mars hitting us. Just a close approach."

Please note that we have never made any predictions. I guess this is the quickest way to attempt to dispatch those that disagree with you. It seemed to have worked for Carl Sagan when he viciously attacked one of the greatest people to ever live - Immanuel Velikovsky. I guess they haven't learned any new tricks.

There has been no need to make predictions. Predictions are for weathermen and politicians. We rely on the facts, as above. In fact no where in the above statements can we be quoted as making a prediction. It only takes a clear mind to look over the past few years and see the gloom and doom that exists in our reality. How many disasters would they like us to recount? The Oklahoma tornado, the Turkey or Taiwan earthquakes, or more recently the 50,000 dead in African floods? These are all disasters of our reality, they exist in our universe. There are hundreds more that could be considered and remembered. Gloom and doom?

The Uniformitarian foundation is being rocked and broken into pieces as we live and breath. It is being broken into pieces by the catastrophic power of the universe in which we live. Meanwhile 14 billion more dollars go for NASA failed missions and 250 billion more dollars go into defense spending. Still the streets of this once great country never sleep. They do not sleep because children are killing children. The mentally ill suffer in its back alleys. People are suffering all over the world from the resulting destruction of typhoons, earthquakes and flooding. There is not a big plastic bubble around the Earth protecting us from these fantastic universal events. What occurs in the heavens above, effect us here upon the face of the earth.

It is the cosmology of the Uniformitarians that have brought us this suffering - the Uniformitarians that do not deal with controlling or understanding it.

We will make one prediction that anyone is welcome to quote us on - the great disasters that will surely come in this century will break the back of this cruel and unforgiving tradition.

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