Or The Solar System Shooting Gallery

Questions Of The Possibility And An Indication Of The Threat



The 1.2 Billion Dollar Tax Dump And One Result Of The Threat

by gary d. goodwin

(updated June 1998)

The following information is NOT for entertainment, nor is it information to be taken lightly. If it scares you into action that is the intent. I would suggest that the action might be of three primary foci. First, educate yourself to the subject at hand. Prove or disprove it for yourself. Second, prepare your family and yourself by beginning to accumulate an emergency preparedness plan. Include in your plan; food storage, medical supplies, water, and an area evacuation plan with appropriate means. Even if the possible does not happen, you will be prepared for other very real possibilities such as earthquakes, weather disasters, economic problems, or the like. Third, raise your voice to the very real need of honesty in government and with that perhaps more dollars for space programs that actually do something to warn or defend citizens against this threat.

The last bastion of human pride in that stubbornness known as scientific prudence will be cries of "ignorance", "misinformation", and finally "traitor", just before devastation is brought to us on the wings of reality. Let me be the first to cast in my admission of sure intermittent mistake and periodic sensationalism. Without a wholesome fear and a healthy dose of a loud warning voice no one will listen. Not to say that there haven't been those who have listened. In fact there is obvious agreement and support from many. It has been my mission to prick the ignorance of us who are not accepting of the real possibility that there is indeed a threat out there. The approach has been the Question, with plenty of factual support and more than necessary evidence.

So with that bit of enthusiasm, here's the next question in the progression of following this comet known as Hale Bopp; This comet, Hale Bopp, which many think is long gone and no longer a concern. Is it just possible that Hale Bopp is NOT gone? This comet that we refer to as Hale Bopp is not necessarily one entity. As has been sufficiently  proven out on these pages, and I might add without significant challenge or adequate rebuttal, Hale Bopp may not only have been followed by a companion, but also followed by a significant amount of debris. And now the primary solar satellite SOHO, after taking some incredible pictures, has perhaps taken its last image. With these propositions in mind, let me provide the reader with a piece of historical fact concerning comets. The images below are graphics from the August 1995 issue of Scientific America.

In this graphic (right), SL9 is shown after its capture and on its discovery in 1993. It is important to note the distance that the comet has traveled, and continues to remain under the influence of Jupiter. 93 million miles is the distance of the Earth to the sun - one A.U. (Astronomical Unit).

In this graphic (left), a comet is captured by Jupiter, finally crashing into its surface. The comparative size of Jupiter in relationship to the greater distances of the orbit is quite obvious. This reflects the ability of the greater body to have a compelling force over the traveling body. Purely gravity? Not likely, but rather a combination of gravity and EMF. 


These erratic movements of comets and asteroids are not new, by no means. In fact the following quote was written in the mid 1800's:

"The great ethereal ocean, surrounding the Sun, must partake of his rotation,--must rotate from west to east, in planes perpendicular to the axis of the ethereal envelope, and that these currents must extend north and south for thousands of millions of miles, and that their influence is undoubtedly felt far beyond the known boundaries of our system. Can these rotatory currents exist, and bodies, falling into them from the distant regions of space, not be influenced by them? As well might we say, our ships will not be influenced by the trade-winds which they may encounter. Let us suppose, for instance, an extreme case of retrograde motion. We will say a comet enters the boundaries of our system, directly in the plane of the solar equator, with a retrograde motion from east to west, or, in other words, in direct opposition to the ethereal currents. This would be a case of unstable equilibrium. The least deviation from that exact plane could not be recovered. Any slight cause, such as a planetary perturbation, would destroy the equilibrium, and the comet would deviate either north or south of the equatorial plane: and the action of the ethereal current would continually augment the inclination, until the plane of its orbit became perpendicular to the solar equator. From this position, under the influence of these same currents, the angle of inclination would rapidly decrease, until nearing the equatorial plane, when the decrease would become diminished more and more, till finally the two planes would coincide, which would be a state of stable equilibrium. Before the orbit could be converted from a retrograde to a direct condition, or from an unstable form to one of stability immense ages might intervene, and many thousands of cometary revolutions might be performed, till the eccentricity becomes reduced from a cometary to a planetary form, and its invariable orbit is attained."

Orson Pratt
"Key to the Universe"


Please keep in mind that the above examples are comets related to Jupiter. The Sun's mass is over 1000 times that of Jupiter and incredibly immensely more powerful. With these few points in mind these are the related calendar events: 

1) Hale Bopp perturbed by Jupiter Feb-April 1996. 
2) HB crosses the ecliptic May 1997 at ~ 204 degrees. 
3) At the same time HB crossed the ecliptic solar activity moved from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. 
4) Multiple events documented on these pages suggesting incredible electrical changes in the solar system. 
5) Several Images show that HB is maintaining its connection with the sun. The Image to the right is Hale Bopp, reportedly in January of this year. The image has been turned upside down by the observatory to trick the viewer into thinking the comet is heading away. The tail extending up is pointing away from the sun. The antitail, pointing down in the picture, is actually pointing and connected to the sun! 
6) SOHO image shows "bloom" effect, suggesting reactivity with HB. 
7) May of this year SOHO J1 announced. 

Image at right is click able to the larger picture.




Hale Bopp's inclination to the ecliptic was 90 degrees. J1 was inclined 59 degrees. However, both comets came from roughly the same direction toward the sun. Both came from under the ecliptic and over the sun. But in the previous examples of real comets, it can be seen that trajectory is only a matter of the struggle between the larger body and the comet. A comet does not necessarily have to go around the sun. The comets can be tossed to and fro in the electromagnetic soup. An incredible tug of war where the weaker loses. So again, is Hale Bopp still really leaving the solar system? Or is J1 the Companion? Or Hale Bopp itself?


Here are the points : 

1) We believe that if members of The Millennium Group had not forced the issue, SOHO J1 would have never been announced to the public. (see previous update) 
2) The size and magnitude of J1 is not similar to any other previous comets, except HB and the Companion. 
3) The "half moon" shape of J1 is the same seen with HB and the Companion. 
4) Both J1 and HB were accompanied by other smaller bodies and errant material. 
5) Both HB and J1 exhibited "arc-ing" behavior with the sun. 
6) Both entered from the same direction, one year apart. 
7) J1 inclination was 30 degrees less than HB suggesting "circularization". 
8) Similar tail configuration, suggesting similar mineral and chemical makeup.


Shortly after the announcement of J1 coordinates already started to be modified. It's node changed from 348 degrees to 350.7 degrees, it's inclination changed from 55 degrees to 59 degrees, and it's distance from the sun changed from .18 AU to .15 AU! When you consider the movements of the comet around Jupiter in 1929, it's easy to see how the trajectory of a comet around the sun can change so fast and so drastically.

On June 10, 1998, we noticed a "bump" on the southeast limb of the solar disk. At first we thought it was nothing but a flare, typically folding back on to the surface as magnetic flares do. But after a few hours of seeing this structure grow larger and then smaller, yet not moving across the face of the disk, as typical flares and other structures do and were doing on the face of the sun, we realized that this structure was not on the sun at all. It was behind the disk! Moving toward and away from the sun. At first it was very difficult to swallow. Difficult to think that there was actually something there, moving behind the sun. But we had seen Venus, Mercury, Mars and other planets and stars move in front of and behind the solar disk. We are well aware of their attributes and their movements and knew that this was not one of them.

We sat on this, doubting our very eyes. But then there was more to the story. An immense flare, seven days later, burst out of the sun from the southwest limb. This flare was extremely peculiar in that instead of forming from the surface as a helmet shape, it appeared to have a double tail, if you will, ahead of it from the sun. (Note the direction of the "tails" and where the origin of these "tails" begin! Not at the solar disk, but at the point where the "object shells" occur!) It also had what appears to be at least three "shells" of material, with a solid appearing core. We had seen an electrical connection before between HB and J1 and the sun. This "object" now began to be quite familiar. It has as you can see, a head, a coma and tails. The "object" seemed to "hang" there for nearly 40 hours.
This was not just a flare.

Then the object moved out and away from the sun. It's movement was difficult to track, due to missing SOHO pictures and the visual limitations of the SOHO satellite. In other words, we had no clue where it went. Then on the 24th of June an amazing thing occurred. The images abruptly stopped. We watched, and we watched, and we waited. We made several attempts to contact officials without an answer. Then we the tax paying public received this announcement concerning our 1.2 billion (yes that's BILLION!) dollar investment:

SOHO spacecraft observations interrupted

26 June 1998. At 01:16 Paris time on 25 June 1998 (23:16 GMT 24 June),
during routine maintenance operations, ground controllers lost contact with
the SOHO (Solar and Heliosopheric Observatory) spacecraft and the satellite
went into Emergency Sun Reacquisition (ESR) mode. The ESR mode is activated
when an anomaly occurs and the spacecraft loses its orientation towards the
Sun. When this happens, the spacecraft automatically tries to point itself
towards the Sun again by firing its attitude control thrusters under the
guidance of an onboard Sun sensor.

Efforts to re-establish nominal operations did not succeed and telemetry was
lost. Subsequent attempts using the full NASA Deep Space Network
capabilities have so far been unsuccessful.

ESA and NASA engineers are continuing with the task of re-establishing
contact with the spacecraft.

And we saw this on the SOHO Operations Site:

LASCO/EIT Operations Status
Daily Reports -- June 1998

25-Jun-1998  (ESR)

 No telemetry after 04:43 UT
 ESR at 02:35 UT, 04:38 UT

24-Jun-1998  (C1-C2-C3-EIT synoptic; TM Submode 5-6; LASCO doors closed; ESR)

 SOHO spacecraft emergency declared at 23:30 UT
 ESR at 23:16 UT
 All 3 LASCO doors closed 12:31-12:45 UT for momentum mgt. maneuver

The most shocking and concerning issue pertaining to this shutdown, were the very last two pictures we received from SOHO. These images tell the story better than any words:

We call them ZAP & ORCA:





(The evidence displayed here is limited to the space available. There is much more evidence than is presented here.)

So finally the questions:
Is it Hale Bopp, come back to visit?
Is it the Companion?
Is this a comet at all?
Is it another Earth Threatening Object?
Is it simply a flare?
Are these magnetic anomalies, never before seen?
Why would SOHO shut down, when things are really getting hot? Is it just a flare or is an attempt to cover up something greater going on?
Strange that President Clinton is in China with his entire family, during this time. (we have confirmed through intelligence sources that there have been bunkers built in Australia to protect certain dignitaries from impact dangers. President Clinton's itinerary includes Australia. This trip to China comes at a time that is opposed by nearly every politician in D.C.).
Are these events on the sun simply the precursor to the solar maximum that is supposed to come in two years? And they don't want us to see?
Fires around the world, Unusual earthquake build up, the weirdest and most severe weather ever around the world, EL NINO!, ...
How much does it take before we start asking questions? Does our government hide info from us? I might remind critics that just this past month the world learned of atomic blasts that took place in space and other places that were done in the 50's! Does the government hide information? A resounding YES!

My friends, it's time to prepare.

Share your opinion with me, it's very welcome here.

gary d. goodwin