Comments On A Recent NASA Paper Entitled:

"Earth's Own Magnetosphere, Not Solar Wind,

Accelerates the Particles of the Radiation Belts"

  By Earl L. Crockett

As I keep saying, we have much yet to explain about the science we are advocating on the Millennium Group web page. And there are efforts currently underway to do so. In the meantime life keeps happening, and NASA keeps floating out new papers.

When I think about NASA finding itself with tons of satellite data that contradicts their sacred Big Bang cosmology, what comes to mind is an old, and vulgar, saying that goes something like this; "He couldn't say XXXX if he had a mouthful." What NASA can't say is that "near the speed of light (relativistic) electrons and protons are being generated and released from the surface of the sun" even though it has several supercomputers (mouthfuls) jammed with supporting data.

NASA can't say the above for two reasons. One: Big Bang cosmology calls for the sun to have been formed by the coalescence of frozen dust into a ball who's interior ignited into nuclear fusion through the forces of gravity. Second: Big Bang cosmological space is supposed to be a vacuum that is energetically neutral (i.e. Chapman's plasma theory). Therefore, relativistic electrons and protons cannot be generated from the Sun because by the time they had traveled all the way from the core of the sun to the surface they wouldn't (couldn't) still be traveling near the speed of light. Now in a very clever piece of footwork (reminiscent of the early or "inflationary" stages of the Big Bang) NASA has conceded that electrons and protons must be coming from the Sun because our new and wonderful satellites tell us the solar wind is bombarding us with them daily. So there is a kind of informal suspension of Chapman's theory in what's become known as the Solar Terrestrial Connection.

The gif below shows the Sun and Earth (not to scale), the solar wind, and the Earth's magnetosphere. Now here's the hard part of this explanation: When you and I look at the drawing it all seems simple; the Sun and Earth are energetically connected and when the 11 year Sun cycle warms up during maximum, or the long term Sun activity increases over time (as it is), then Earth, and the rest of the planets in our Solar System, warm up. But wait! It can't be that simple, because the Big Bang cosmology says it can't be that way. So our government, as represented by NASA, NSF, NOAA etc. etc.,  must make up little fibs to circumvent the obvious:


Fib #1 "Magnetic reconnection" a process where Big Bang required "slow" electrons and protons from the Sun get "accelerated" by some as yet undetermined means in the 16 minutes or so they need to travel from the Sun to the measuring satellite. It has even been suggested (really) that faster than light "pre waves" may be needed to get the job done. 

Fib#2 None of this electrical energy (electrons or protons) gets  contributed into the Earth's magnetosphere just magnetic.
Fib#3 If no energy gets contributed to the magnetosphere (including  the Van Allen belts) by the Sun then we need to invent "Magnetosphere  acceleration" in order to explain the presence of relativistic electrons.

Fib#4 Since increased energetic activity on the Sun can not affect  Earth we need to invent that human pollution causes the "greenhouse effect" which accounts for "global warming".

Here's an email exchange between myself (Earl Crockett) and James McCanney concerning the issue at hand:

   Well here we go. Sounds like "magnetic reconnection" all over again.
Please read and comment ASAP. I don't want to send out until we can tell
people where the BS is.

   I love the way they do this. They just announce it. So much for peer
review.  The graphics and animation department is sure working overtime
at NASA. I also noticed they call this the "NOAA model" as if it is
department sanctioned and therefore declared "true and good". Somewhat
of a papal seal so to speak; i.e. the indelible seal of truth. And yes it
is related to the "magnetic reconnection" BS.

   You see, a fundamental law of physics is that magnetic fields can only
accelerate particles in a radial fashion and not linear. In layman's
terms it literally means that magnetic fields cannot donate energy to a
free moving particle. The reason it can induce energy into an electron
in a generator is because the electron is trapped in the wire not a
plasma. But our friends at NASA cannot seem to grasp that simple
concept. (I mean we are talking physics 101)  But with their lofty Phd's
apparently anything is possible by decree or fiat. I love how the Van
Allen belts after extensive computer modeling (the magic word of the
expert hand waiver) are seen to accelerate electrons to relativistic
speeds. What a crock! No wonder they don't allow real peer review. If it
were not for the electrical currents coming out of the Sun then none of
this would be possible. Need I say more?


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