November 25, 1998

[updated 26 December, 1998]



Earl L. Crockett, Writer

Truth In Science Team Members

Gary Goodwin, Ray Ward

Alexey Dmitriev, Hal Blondell



    There is an increasing probability that one or more never before reported significant celestial bodies have joined our Solar System in the last one to two years. We further believe that the comet Hale-Bopp, and the more recent Comet SOHO J1 have directly contributed to the appearance of these new bodies, and/or are still closely involved with the celestial dynamics of the inner Solar System. In retrospect, our very first clue that something new had established a permanent Solar System residence appeared on January 14, 1998 03:40:07 Universal Time (UT):

The Bloom

[click on picture for enlargement]

   As our suspicions increased the next major clue came on June 24, 1998 16:31 UT in an image we dubbed "The Orca":

The Orca

  The LASCO C3 photo shown above was the very last image before the SOHO/LASCO satellite  experienced a 90 day shut down. We are now more confident than ever that the interruption in service of the SOHO/LASCO satellite was done on purpose by the US military/intelligence community to prevent the public from seeing any more of the "Orca", or the other new members of our inner Solar System. We also have reason to believe that the DIA, NSC, and/or NSA are working independent of any congressional or administrative authority. In other words the rogue spooks are now running the store; i.e. " damned the Senate Intelligence Committee...we know what's best..." And just so we don't appear to be too naive we should quickly add "So what's new?"

   We were all grateful that "contact was reestablished" with SOHO/LASCO (improbable as the recovery cover story may have been), and almost exactly 90 days to the hour from the shutdown (how's that for bureaucratic efficiency) the first new C3 image  appeared on October 24, 1998. We certainly rejoiced to have our "eyes in the sky" once again. Then when things seemed to be rolling along nicely NASA et al began fanning the flames of the (big kettle drum roll) LEONID METEOR shower. It seemed odd at first then turned down right bizarre when the likes of the "Aerospace Corporation" established an "official Leonid Meteor page", and started counseling us lesser citizens on the hazards of the LEONID METEORS. This Aerospace Corp. is one strange outfit; a "non-profit" business with $330 million a year in revenues, operates and manages satellites for military, NSC, NSA, NRO, and has a board of directors that eclipses Eisenhower's worst nightmare about the incestuous, inside the Beltway, nature of the "military industrial complex". Take a look for yourself: [Click Here]

   Then the other shoe dropped; SOHO/LASCO would be shut down to protect it from the LEONID meteor shower. "Well OK", we said, "Sounds like the safe thing to do." So on 11/12/98 15:30 UT C3 posted it's last image after an as yet unexplained gap of missing images over an eighteen hour period.

   We waited patiently for the cameras to be turned back on on the originally announced date of Thursday 11/19/98. The date for the return to service was then delayed to 11/20/98 without explanation with this notice from the LASCO web pages:

Nov 20th 98:

Instrument power-on at 20:30 UT. Precautions were taken to safe for the Leonids Meteor Shower interruption. The instruments were powered-off November 15th to protect on- board electronics.

C1 is continuing the FeXIV/Clear door closed program with a 1 hour cadence. We have found using the 3 hour cadence for the days of Nov. 9th-12th, the PZTs are "on their own" recovering. The images are showing a linear correction to the mirror plate 'walk-off' with a  +25% improvement from the images of reference dating Oct 22nd. We are increasing the cadence and will study further the changes that are taking place in the FP.

   So everything is turned back on except that the C1 still has its doors closed. Please notice the very big deal of announcing that the C1 doors are closed. We kept checking for new images, and finally on the next day 11/21/98 01:13 UT this one single image appears from the C3 camera:

Son of Orca

   Shortly thereafter the C2 posted a single frame date stamped  11/21/98 04:02 UT:

C2 Son of Orca

   Then nothing, nada, no pictures, no information, and certainly no sense to it all. The C2 and C3 LASCO cameras had been, once again, blacked out from public view from the time of the above single image C3 date stamp until 11/23/98 21:19; a period of 68 hours 7 minutes. During this time the published LASCO schedule called for images to be taken as follows:

"C2-C3-EIT synoptic = EIT 12 min cadence;
C2 30 min cadence;  C3 1 hour cadence."

   The "LASCO/EIT Operations Status Daily Reports -- November 1998"

shown below for the period in question begins on 11/19/98 with everything shut down for the LEONID event. Then everything gets turned back on on 11/20/98 except for the C1 which has its doors closed, and the EIT is noted to be running at a 7 minute cadence instead of the published 12 minutes. No other exceptions listed.
   Please note that it is during this time period that the C2 and C3 come back on line on 11/21/98, take one picture, and then go black. Please also note that this activity is not mentioned in the official posted daily reports shown below.

22-Nov-1998  EIT 195A FFFr 7 min cad; C1 Door close Program 1 hr cad. in FeXIV.
21-Nov-1998  EIT 195A FFFr 7 min cad; C1 Door close Program 1 hr cad. in FeXIV.
20-Nov-1998  20:57 UT LASCO and EIT Power-on; Manual REBOOT; Auto REBOOT; SM6.
        22:19  UT first boot w/interupted auto; tested TCE boot from EE PROM  EE PROM Boot OK.  Found out C1 exposure needed to set range for extended headers.
        22:12 UT EIT Door opened.
        23:58 UT Power-off/Power-on Auto-reboot; REBOOT OK.
        EIT 195A FFFr 7 min cad; C1 door close FeXIV/Clear 1hr cad.
19-Nov-1998  LASCO and EIT Power-Off for Leonids.
   If you have managed to stay with this story cum saga so far, then you will certainly enjoy the next unexpected turn of events. Your author sent off an email late on 11/21/98 to the European Space Agency's (ESA) SOHO/LASCO public information desk asking why C2 and C3 were shut down after one image. I'm sure our readers can appreciate why we have given up asking NASA about anything. Since 11/21/98 was a Saturday I didn't expect an answer until the following Monday 11/23/98. When no answer was received by approximately 20:30 UT on Monday 11/23/98 I decided to place a telephone call to the ESA SOHO/LASCO office. But first I check the C2 and C3 images on the LASCO web page one more time, and nothing had changed from 11/21/98.

   Here's the conversation: Me: Hi this is Earl Crockett. ESA: [in a rather worried ominous tone of recognition] "Ohhhh...Hi" Me: What's up with the C2 and C3 images?  ESA:  "Well I guess the C2 and C3 pictures will be available when the doors are opened."  Me: The doors have been open. Images were taken on 11/21, and the status shows 30 minute and 1 hour cycles. ESA: "Oh, I don't know." ESA: (Change of subject) "The pictures you sent me [Orca 1 and 2] were due to long [over] exposure." [Not true; ie 19.1 seconds normal C3 exposure.] Me: Let's get back to the C2 and C3. Why are images not being posted? ESA: [change of story] "Well there must be something wrong with the pipeline that feeds images into the web page. I can assure you that C2 and C3 are all right. We've been getting good images in the office." Me: Well why can't we see them? ESA: "I don't know I'll check. Bye" Me: Trying to keep the conversation going. ESA: "Bye, click".

   About ten or fifteen minutes after I hung up it suddenly flashed on me to check the LASCO web page again, and guess what; new photos! What an amazing coincidence, or was it? The date stamp on this particular "new", or first, C3 image is 11/23/98 21:19 UT about 45 minutes after I initiated my phone call. Then today 11/24/98 the following gets posted on the "LASCO/EIT Operations Status Daily Reports -- November 1998"

23-Nov-1998  EIT 195A FFFr; C1 Dr FeXIV; Darks,Cals; C2,C3 Door Opened; SM6
        19:45 UT uplinked L_SET_LOBT
        19:48 UT reset heater zone; EIT-1 to set point 102
        19:56-20:55 UT C1,C2,C3,EIT Dark Images
        20:58 UT EIT Calibration Lamp, 10 sec x2
        21:15 UT C3 door opened
        21:25 UT C2 door opened

   So dear readers what are we to make of this jumble of now-you-see-it and now-you-don't, doors opening and closing (?) being selectively reported and unreported, "over exposures" that aren't, and how about a C3 door opening at 11/23/98 21:15 UT and producing and transmitting an image with a normal exposure time of 19 seconds in what must be a record 4 seconds on 11/23/98 21:19 UT? And how about the seeming coincidence of the appearance of "Orca #1" resulting in a 90 day SOHO/LASCO shut down, and the appearance of  "Orca #2" turning the public cameras black for 68 hours. How are we to connect the dots here, and make sense of this whole affair?

   We are also very curious as to why there has been no official recognition of a least one major celestial body in addition to the "Orca" that appears to have a 30 day or so orbit seemingly between Mercury and the Sun. Our first view of this body came in some extraordinary high resolution frames of the enormous CME that followed the now famous "Twin Comet" impact into the Sun in May 1998.

Twister Frames

   Then we have the situation of the last "pre-Leonid shutdown" frame stamped 11/12/98 15:30 UT. You will recall that this frame was preceded by  an unexplained 18 hours (18 image) gap. Here's the image as it was made available to the public on the C3 gif movie page:

C3 11/12/98 15:30 Black Out

   Here's the very same image we downloaded from the LASCO stills page before the military (Navy in this case) censors, and their bucket of black paint, got their hands on it;

C3 11/12/98 15:30 Full View

[click on picture for enlargement]

   In addition to the many questions posed above we also have had a very perplexing four, or more, months attempting to reconcile former count-on-able cyclical patterns of Sun activity with what has appeared to be random, not associated with the Sun, magnetic storms, and more recently, proton events. "Where did they come from?" we would ask. "There's been no Sun activity to cause this", we said over and over. Or things get turned around, as has happened in the last three days when the Sun's given off four X class, and three M class X-Ray events as measured on the Goes satellites. This is the most significant (ie powerful) series of X-Ray events that have occurred since 1989.

X-Ray Graph


 Here's what the official forecast had to say about this three day period;
:Product: 1121RSGA.txt
:Issued: 1998 Nov 21 2210 UT
# Prepared jointly by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA,
#Space Environment Center and the U.S. Air Force.

   All the kings horses, and all the kings men couldn't see this one coming a mere 10 hours beforehand.

   Our team member Hal Blondell adds:

   We should probably mention the fact that not only has the solar activity
been "different" than the patterns observed in the past few years... but
that the terrestrial results of those events has become impossible for
the SEC to predict. Their accuracy was never incredible, but up until
about 6-8 months ago, it was reasonable... now it's become just plain

   On numerous occasions in the past several months, magnetic storm watches
have been issued for specific anticipated values (example: Magnetic-A Index
of greater than 20) based on observed CMEs or flares. In most of those
cases the resulting magnetic storm was considerably greater than the
watch was for, and in some cases we have had severe magnetic storms lasting
several days when only minimal effects had been forecast by the SEC. In
a few cases, there were virtually no effects on the planetary magnetism
during the watch period.

   Something has changed.


   1.0 That a previously unreported plasma discharge comet exists in the L1 region of Earth near the orbit of the SOHO/LASCO satellite, and that four images of record exist showing it's presence:
  1.1 The "Bloom" LASCO C3 photo above dated 1/14/98     03:40:07 UT. The "Bloom" shows the pinched tail currents of the comet.
  1.2 The Orca #1 C3 photo dated 6/24/98 16:31 UT.
  1.3 The Orca #2 C3 photo dated 11/21/98 01:13.
  1.4 The Orca #2 C2 photo dated 11/21/98 04:02 .
  2.0 That both data and images suggest that at least one new permanent member of the Solar System exists in close proximity to the Sun of unknown size and orbit. The orbit appears to be within the orbit of Mercury, and it is interacting with the Sun in accordance with the principles of the Plasma Discharge Theory, and its associated new solar model.


   It appears from the evidence that the NASA/military/intelligence powers to be, acting unilaterally without congressional or administrative authority, have decided to cover up the existence of the two celestial bodies listed above for their own personal agenda or gain. We should like to assert that this act constitutes a crime against humanity of proportions never before imagined. We further assert that the lead scientists employed by NASA, and the military, are clue less as to the true plasma discharge nature of the Sun, comets and planetary bodies, and that this ignorance coupled with their need to protect long inflated egos has made them willing accomplices to the cover-up. This is not a happy picture for humankind.

   The arrival of these new members to our Solar System means that we must immediately begin to rethink every known assumed parameter regarding the geophysical action/reaction, and relationship of the Earth to our Heliospheric environment; the Sun in particular.

   Hal Blondell continues:

   The observed events vs. measured effect inconsistency (over previous
reasonable accuracy) shows that our "mystery guest" seems to have the
potential to not only induce solar events (flares, CME's, prominences)
from otherwise unremarkable and seemingly stable solar regions... but to
also enhance (conduct toward Earth), or even in some cases negate (block
or deflect from Earth) the magnetosphere effects of those observed
events when they do occur.

   Since we know that an increase in major flares will continue as we
approach the "solar maximum" in 2000, it would be extremely important
to know whether or not these events will be conducted more or less effectively toward Earth based on the possible position of another body in the inner solar system. Obviously the SEC and NASA do not have a grasp on this "Factor X", or one would expect that they would have started using it in their magnetic storm forecasts. (HB)

      We would like to end by calling on all persons, NASA, military, and government scientists alike to lay aside their secret combinations, and hidden fears of public disclosure, so we might all work together on what appears to be a transformational PlanetoPhysical challenge, and therefore a wonderful opportunity to heal the separation that exists between your world, and that of us the ordinary civilian taxpaying citizens of  Planet Earth. How about it guys and gals? Would anyone care to step forward?

Update 5 December, 1998:

The following report was made directly to the IAUC at Harvard University. To date there has strangely been NO answer or response:
Discovery Report:
Date: November 25, 1998
Object: Comet
Organization: The Millennium Group
Principles: James McCanney, Alexey Dimitriev, Gary Goodwin, Ray Ward,
Hal Blondel, Earl Crockett.
Contact Person: Earl Crockett
Address: *******
Telephone/Fax: *********

A previously unreported plasma discharge comet exists in the L1 region
of Earth near the orbit of the SOHO/LASCO satellite.

Observations/images:Four images of record exist showing the comets
1.The "Bloom" LASCO C3 photo above dated 1/14/98 03:40:07 UT. The
"Bloom" shows the pinched tail currents of the comet.
2.The "Orca #1" LASCO C3 photo dated 6/24/98 16:31 UT.
3.The "Orca #2" LASCO C3 photo dated 11/21/98 01:13.
4.The "Orca #2" LASCO C2 photo dated 11/21/98 04:02 .
[Note: Images available by email upon request.]

Legal right to use of data:
1. The data has been ignored and/or unrecognized for it's true nature for a substantial period of time.
2. There is evidence that SOHO/LASCO as attempted to alter the record, and to hide data for reasons unknown to the applicant.
3. Our direct individual tax dollars pay the salaries of the NASA SOHO/LASCO employees and purchased the satellitte, the computers and all other equipment. For NASA or anyone else to give "rights" to this information without compensation while excluding the citizens who pay the salaries and buy the equipment is a criminal act in itself no different than the Treasury giving boxes of money to
favored friends. This is "public information" in every legal definition of the word.

The following conversation is now added to the update concerning the peculiar flare formation and dispersement in light of this recent finding:

"Earl L. Crockett" wrote:
 December 3, 1998
    Anybody got any theories, thoughts, itches, or insights about what the
 %XZ%$#  is now going on with the Sun?

Hal Blondel replied:
December 4, 1998
Well, I agree that it is very strange indeed, especially considering the
visible appearance of the solar disk with some very large spotted regions present.
Two possibilities come to my mind:

The readings we are seeing on the Space Environment Center (SEC)
graphs are not accurate... after all we have seen them alter these charts before; actually on several occasions.


The energy is being generated at the source (Sun) but something is
deflecting the energy or absorbing it before it comes this far from the
source... kind of like an eddy or "pull" to the side in the solar wind
flow coming toward Earth. This wouldn't really explain the lack of X-Ray
signatures very well however.

Once again the SEC's official forecast a couple of days ago was for more
major flares to be produced by four of these large regions. Instead we
have the exact opposite with some of the lowest Xray readings in weeks.
Strange to say the least, with yet more unexplained anomalous patterns.

3 Day Forecast:
:Product: 1128RSGA.txt
:Issued: 1998 Nov 28 2210 UT
# Prepared jointly by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA,
#Space Environment Center and the U.S. Air Force.

CLASS M    70/70/70
CLASS X    20/20/20
PROTON     20/20/20
[X-Ray graph dated 12/1/98 (the first three-four days)]

[X-Ray graph dated 12-4-98 (the next three days)] 

UPDATE [12-24-98]
Well they've shut SOHO down again, and the spin miesters are already rewriting history. Notice that yesterday's ESR (emergency sun
reaquisition) at 17:40 UT, a very precarious and serious automated happening, has magically transformed itself into "The spacecraft entered safe mode today at 17:49 UT." It also appears that the Re-certification Board's recommendations of two weeks ago were never implimented.

Why is this happening?

See this mail of yesterday:
To Millennium Group Members,
Well, well, look what we have here. Son of Orca is dated 11/21/98 and
we just happened to have "...C2, and C3 door close for the momentum
management and station keeping burns." on 12/20/98 with an "ESR"
declared on 12/21/98. Exactly 30 days from the Son Of Orca shot! Didn't
someone in our small group speculate that this would happen (like me),
or did I imagine that? I think we really hit this orbit on the head (30-32 days)
the first time out guys!
December 22, 1998
     SOHO is in safe mode and will remain in it until new flight
software for gyroless operations is implemented. Therefore, there will
not be any scientific observations for the time being.

December 21, 1998
     SOHO is in safe mode. The spacecraft entered safe mode today at
17:49 UT. Preliminary indications are that the remaining gyro may have
No more EIT images.... for a while, at least

An emergency Sun reacquisition (ESR) was triggered on 1998 December 21
at 17:49 UT  during the preparations for a momentum management and a
stationkeeping maneuver. Indications are that the remaining gyro has

If in fact the gyro has failed, it will be many weeks before new
Attitude and Orbit  Control Subsystem (AOCS) software can be developed,
tested, and implemented. Until then, further SOHO scientific
observations will be impossible.
Dec. 7, 1998
SOHO Re-Certification Board Conclusions and Recommendations

    1. The Board acknowledges the outstanding achievements of the SOHO
Recovery Team.

    2. The spacecraft is operating in a sun pointing mode with all
instruments on and collecting high quality science data.

    3. Roll gyro redundancy has been lost, which increases the risk
associated with recovery from future spacecraft anomalies.

    4. The Board endorses implementation of several measures to increase
ground system effectiveness in order to reduce risk to operations.

    5. Recommendations include a strengthened management structure and
processes with increased staffing and includes a phased approach to
transition to normal operations.

    6. Implementation of the response to the recommendations will
contribute significantly to the mitigation of risk of future operations
and ensure the obligations of both agencies.
The following image is one of the recent images (prior to the shut down of SOHO) that we have used to estimate the orbit of the object. You will notice that three objects are labeled. We will leave it up the audience as to the structure and even the existence of these items. Some people say that, "seeing is believeing"! We will, once again leave it up to you the viewers.


UPDATE [12-26-98]

This New Millennium update today from Hal Blondell:

Magnetic Storm Occurring  12.26.98  1530 UTC

Despite the SEC forecast for quiet to slightly unsettled conditions
today, the planetary magnetism has been at active to minor storm levels
of 4-5 for the past 12 hours. This has caused the SEC to issue planetary
magnetism alerts and now a magnetic storm watch for today [kind of late
for a watch] for Magnetic-A Indices of greater than 20... which have
almost already occurred at this point.

The GOES magnetometer readings remained volatile during the night
dropping very low once again, and the electron readings continue to be
in an intense state of flux. This is a continuation of yesterday's
unexpected magnetic disturbance [but more intense] that the SEC
officially attributed to an "unknown source."

GOES Electron readings URL...

GOES Magnetometer URL...

And this message from Hal Blondell concerning the subject at hand:

Well, just about the right time for the mystery object to reappear at
SOHO and boom... we have SOHO taken offline again. No surprise there

Now we also have an unexplained magnetic storm event occurring that even
NASA and the SEC attribute to an "unknown source" on their solar
forecast bulletin from yesterday, which of course meshes perfectly with
our theory of conjunction interaction between the Sun, Object and Earth.

Just before this unforecast event began, the ACE craft measured a sudden
increase in the solar wind temperature and speed, and a decrease in it's
density as it flows toward Earth. This matches my mind's model very well
for the object causing a "conduit effect" in the solar wind when it's
conjunct with Earth.

It stretches the solar wind out creating a faster, hotter and less dense
flow toward us which carries any embedded disturbances in the solar wind
toward us more quickly and efficiently. It seems to be a very similar
effect to a high speed solar streamer, but it is thicker [wider] and
therefore the effect lasts longer than a normal solar streamer. Had
their been an ejection disturbance in the appropriate quadrant on the
solar disk, we would have likely seen a severe magnetic storm event or
direct CME impact.
And this analysis from Don Carros of the ORCA image as to its authenticity:

Subject: First cut analysis if FITS image
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998 22:46:42 -0500 (EST)

I have now taken a cut at analyzing the last FITS image from SOHO/LASCO
on June 24th.


First there is the header. "header.gif" This suggest the time, date
etc. It also suggests an 8-bit image. or bit/image levels from 0-255
with 255 being fully saturated.

The table is the pixel by pixel review of the "blob" / "orca". I was
originally of the opinion that the image was an object close to the
LASCO instrument that had a high reflectivity or it was a phoney paste
over of some object. The "table.gif" shows an object that has a
definite edge. There is detail that suggests a gradation. Note how the
number increase to the 255 (saturation value). My interpretation is
that the object has a very reflective surface or it radiates intense
energy that overpowered the CCD imager on SOHO.

The next file is "FITSimage.gif" Here note the position of the
cross-hair as noted as the X,Y coordinate on the upper left side of the
image. This shows the position on the image that the table detail comes
from.  The next file "FITSimagePlot.gif" shows the values for row 900.
Again now how the values drop off on the edges of the object.

The tool I am using is FitsView Version 2.4 on Linux.

The image also shows a saturated area on the "handle" of the occulting
disk. This can/may be the result of a reflection from the object
(ORCA) or the illumination of the handle by the ORCA. I have not made
up my mind on that one.

So Don, what does this all mean? Very impressive analysis program,
but my understanding of the process is nil.

Well.........its real not a paste-over of a white disk onto an existing
image. If it was somebody worked real hard. The table image shows
the value of eack pixel individually. A paste-over of a white disk
would have a uniform color (in this case 255) and no variation on the
edge. Both the table and the graph shows color variation on the edges
of the object. Again it leads to the conclusion that the object has an
extremely reflective surface or it eminates its own light source. I now
suspect the latter.

The handle of the occulting disk also shows light saturation near the
base. If this objects (ORCAs) surface is merely reflective it must be
pointed in such a mannor as to receive sunlight and reflect it exactly
at the handle. Since you have multiple images of the ORCA it seems
unlikely that each and every time we see it, it just happens to be in
exactly the right position to create this illumination of the handle on
the occulting disk.

Its a real object. It has to have a fairly smooth surface. It is either
really close to the SOHO/LASO instrument or really big. I vote really
big. If it were small the affect of being so close to SOHO would have
altered its orbit and we would not have seen it again.

In other words I AM A BELIEVER! There is something there.

It just takes me a little longer ;-)




For now!

This story's not over yet!


This information is copyrighted by THE MILLENNIUM GROUP and may not be used without their express permission.