Several Curious Incidents - Do They Add Up?

by gary d. goodwin

10 November, 1999

It's been a few months since we have seen these curious shots on the SOHO site. It seemed that we started talking about them, suggesting a few possiblities (actually asking folks what they thought that they were) and then the images were gone. I know that for the majority, people think that it's just a coincidence. It is true that the images that we have collected do appear similar in shape, size and position - but they are not totally alike. In addition to the fact that they are not exactly alike, they are all dated differently. So is it a shot taken through a protective door as some have suggested? Or is it actually a body, that at various times has been captured on a SOHO image? (Let me remind everyone also that we have other images besides the ones below that show the object - see ORCA part 2)

There are just a couple of ideas that we would like to put forth for your consideration. In addtion to this there have been a couple of neat coincidences that we can't ignore - and that - I think you and the viewing public should know about.

As always we have been watching the posting of SOHO images on a more than regular basis. We have a source that has told us that the images that we see, and in fact that the team at SOHO/LASCO see, are viewed prior to them seeing them. Yes we call that "censoring"! Apparently the source stated that the images are downloaded to a station at Goddard Control and then wired to the team. This source further states that there may be many with the science team that do not even know that this occurs. I will say that we are very confident of this source. And I would remind anyone that might suggest it, that the knowledge of this information can in no way be considered spying or the like, as all NASA projects are by charter to be NONmilitary and therefore do not compromise national security. I keep having this vision running through my mind of the movie Good Morning Vietnam and the twins that censored all of the news before Robin Williams' character could announce it! And if someone out there can prove this wrong - please do! I'll post it, if it's reliable.

But there is another perspective to this situation. And this idea, I believe, applies to much of what we are allowed to see that escapes the sacred doors of NASA projects (ie. HST). The concept is, that due to the ignorance that exists (and I'm sincerely not saying that in a duragatory way), much of what we see does get through. NASA has developed these powerful instruments that can see and provide data that is literally beyond their mainstay paradigm. The paradigm of NASA has become extremely restrictive and even spills over the boundaries of what they can explain in traditional Big Bang theory and uniformitarian dogma. So in the last few years we have began to see wild explainations, based on extrapolation and deductive reasoning, as oppossed to good ole' observation. These explainations of supposed extremely distant objects (and sometimes close up objects!) are sometimes "fun" to entertain, however they often fall short of rational belief, common sense and indeed what the spirit tells us. So in the very personal conflict of ideological constructs, cognitive dissonance sets in, and some of the obvious evidence for catastrophism and the like, is ignored by NASA censors. This is merely an effort to help improve the observation techniques. So I hope I am forgiven of a very humble approach to the throne as nothing more than an amateur.

As stated earlier we have been regularly watching the SOHO images and through about September 24th we continued to download images. On September 22nd this image was posted. This image has already made the rounds on various sites around the internet. It is indeed a strange site, this phalic appearing object, streaking across the image with concentric rings down the length of it. Because the object appears to be more exposed at the sun ward end, it seems to be traveling toward the sun. The upper portion of the image appears to end at the sun, but the image seems to continue off of the pic at the bottom. In this C3 pic, there are some more details that should be noticed. Besides the concentric rings inside of the length of the image, there appears to be, not just one shaft of light, but two that connect the rings. It is important to notice the distance betwen the two shafts. Many physicists have described an effect that occurs due to unrestricted powerful currents. They call this a "pinching" effect. It is basically what can be seen in this image in reference to the concentric rings that we see occuring down the shaft. Sometimes it appears as a double helix, not unlike that seen in a DNA molecule. A difference in current power and view of the experience (and other variables) can make it appear circular-concentric as oppossed to helix in shape.

In the image above there are two things that we need to be concerned about. 1) This appears to be a highly charged particle beam. 2) It appears to be a connection between the sun and an object off of the screen to the bottom of the image.

At about 8a.m. Universal Time on the 24th of September the image below was posted. This is a C2 image. The significance of that is that in the image above the sun appears smaller and the field of view is much greater. In this image we see two streaks of light that seem to be between the sun and some thing off of the screen to the left. There is also a "halo" of light that takes the shape of a crescent on the left border of the image. These two beams of light that appear to connect the sun and something off of the image to the left, appear to be flares originating around the usual area where flares come from. Except that these "flares" seem to be bent equally and strongly to the left. These are indeed unusual flares, if that is what they are. Flares are nothing but plasma streams, which are full of charged particles - in other words, an electrical current.

Note the size of that smaller circle inside the dark mask. That is the size and location of the sun. In the image above the circle/sun appears smaller simply because the field of view is smaller. Now here's one of the coincidences that can't be ignored - take a quick measurement of the distance between the two shafts of light in the image above and then compare that to the separation of the two beams in the image below. If you are good at ratios, you will see that the separation between the two beams in both images is very very close to the same. But an eyeball estimate will do!

Now to the next part of this story -

It appears that the ORCA is moving from the south to the west, from the twenty-second to the twenty-fourth of September, 1999 - if we believe the preceeding images. We cannot argue that there are many assumptions here, however more and more coincidences came along - to many to ignore. We believed that the ORCA was possibly moving into an orbit taking it closer to the sun, making it possible that we would get to see it on the SOHO images once again. One situation we hoped would not occur, (but thought it might) never the less did:

Spacecraft Maintenance & Status Information
Starting on September 24, the SOHO spacecraft will undergo a week-long period of software uploads and maneuvers to commission a new gyroless operating mode.

Many of SOHO's instruments will be placed into a safe configuration until these activities end (anticipated October 4, 1999). Most instruments will not be providing real-time images during this period.

So they were obviously not going to let us see anymore images of the ORCA! And indeed they shut it down. As they say above for a week long period! Yet if you take a look at the first images in the installment, you will notice something very curious - the ORCA is there. And it's there on the 27th! So, is it nothing more than a shot of the inside of the closed SOHO camera doors? The critics will wail yes - of course.

Now on the other hand, that doesn't explain: 1) The coincidence of the similarity of the two images above - the ratio of separation of the beams. 2) The timing of the two images, relative to our prediction of the ORCA moving from the South to the West, then into a tight orbit, possibly visual. 3) The so-called shutdown of the instrument - right on time with our estimates.

Then another curosity of timing came along.

I'm sure you recognize this lovely picture. Just when we thought we might have our first chance at seeing the ORCA with our very own eyes. Every night we watched faithfully, cameras at the ready. The SOHO was shut down to us and we thougth we had a pretty good chance to take a look at it in the early evening in the Western sky (Western U.S.).

Launching Saturday night from a California base is a Minuteman missile that has the potential to carry a nuclear warhead anywhere in the 50 states. Some 4,300 miles away in the Pacific Ocean, a booster rocket will fire an interceptor.

If the two collide, at a combined speed of 16,000 miles per hour, the force would reduce both missiles to harmless space dust 140 miles above the earth.

The Minuteman, shot out to sea from Vandenberg Air Force Base, has a dummy warhead and a decoy balloon.

The 4,500-mile-per-hour intercepting missile -- a 55-inch long, 120-pound device that looks like scuba diving equipment -- is a Raytheon-built Exoatomsopheric Kill Vehicle that will be fired from Meck Island in the Marshalls.

If you look closely at the picture above, you'll see a very bright spot in the cloud in the lower left of the cloud. At first we thougth this could be it. It was even circular or spherical, if you will. I know - I know what you're saying. Coincidence, Big Government Coverup, Conspiracy, we said we thought it was an attempt to kill an asteroid! well here's another problem that we had with this explaination.

The hit is reported to have taken place 140 miles above the surface of the earth and some 3000 miles away from the West Coast! If this hit took place 3000 miles away, why is it then that we were able to see it? To see something 3000 miles in the distance on our horizon, would take something that is at least 1500 miles in the sky-high! Now maybe we're missing something here. If there's a reason that we could've been able to see something that low on the horizon, please pass it on to us!

If nothing else you must admit - it's a remarkable set of coincidences.

The timing being the most moving bit of evidence. It looked like the ORCA was going to come from the south, move around to the west, then very close to the sun - not close enough to eclipse the sun, but close enough to see it with our naked eye. But then the Vandenberg missle shot seemed to eclipse our hopes of seeing it or maybe even was a distraction from seeing it.

There are some who believe that what we are calling the ORCA is actually the formation of a new planet in our solar system. That it is actually something called a Vacuum Domain. The plasma solidifies around a vacuum, until it reaches critical mass, or for what ever reason, it colapses, creating the body. You can read more about this HERE. This situation or creation occurs in many different places, even here on Earth. You can see some examples of these on the linked page above.

So is it there? Is the ORCA a real thing?

We think so. And we think it's only a matter of time before it becomes apparent to the naked eye of everyone.

Oh yeah. There's one other little piece of evidence...

The sun is in the center. The white circle inside the blue mask is the sun. So either Soho has moved and magnified the sun, or else we have a body, close in to us, energized, and in THE EXACT PLACE WE EXPECTED IT TO BE ON THIS DATE! (Note the planet to the left of the sun and the "un"censored areas up and to the left and the stars therein). So what's going to happen with ORCA out there and all of these comets that seem to be around right now?

This thing just doesn't seem to want to go away!

gary d. goodwin

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