Mystery gas keeps heading for Sun
Commentary by gary d. goodwin
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Thanks to Kent Steadman of ORBIT for bringing attention to this finding!

In the following article you will see great feats of prestidigitation - you will see whirling dervishes and mad divinations!

Not really.

What you will see however is the old NASA two step. This is a well practiced dance wherein the NASA rep pretends to have discovered something entirely new and ignores all other reports of similar findings. This is especially the case when the findings are from outside researchers who are questionable or are on the fringe. In this case the fringe walkers are of course TMG. But back to the well defined and universally utilized tactic - you probably remember another famous usage of this slippery grab for power and propriety: It was 1995. Hale Bopp was well on its way into our lives. An amateur astronomer, now a household name, Chuck Shramek (a personal hero of mine), discovered that HB had a companion. Chuck wasn't a dumb fellow. He had seen first hand the tactic used in other situations. He was well familiar with the theft of Velikovsky's work and had seen the cover up over the moon landing and the death of astronauts who had refused to go along with it. So he did something that infuriated the status quo - he went to Art Bell with his discovery. Art Bell - the world's clearing house for the weird and weirder. But Chuck knew about Art's listenership - Art's crowd was huge. The proverbial feces hit the fan! The critics raised banners of anger and argument. The powers that be couldn't shut it up, so they organized a great funded hoax and used Brown and Calabrese to draw the attention away from this incredible discovery. Professional astronomers used their own names to smear and detract from the companion discovery. There were even those that were low enough to link the deaths of the Sante Fe Springs group to Chuck. Despicable isn't nearly a strong enough word to describe what they tried to do. The stress of the attacks on Chuck led to a heart attack and eventually he died of cancer. But what he did, which was right, will never be forgotten. A few months later a prominent cometary scientist posted an article which we also posted, confirming the existence of the companion! For us this justified and cleared the name of Chuck Shramek.

On November 25 of 1998 (three years ago!!!!) TMG posted the following picture (the article is HERE):










At that time we attempted to report our finding through the proper channels, via Brian Marsden at the Minor Planet Center. We were of course politely rejected. It would be nice if we were now given credit, rather than our old friend Bernie Fleck. In December of that year you may recall that SOHO went into "SAFE MODE". Our article can be read HERE. Now I'm wondering if it went into safe mode to simply to keep our discovery under wraps?????? The quote from the SOHO page reads:

"SOHO is in safe mode and will remain in it until new flight software for gyroless operations is implemented. Therefore, there will not be any scientific observations for the time being."

Interestingly put! "No scientific observations made". Was this a message directly to us for what we had found and tried to report? Maybe we should've went to Art Bell like my old friend Chuck? Well... we did finally. Art saw the pics and plenty of other people saw the pics on our page. Art said, "Oh my ---, I see it!" Now... three years later, Bernie tries to sneak this discovery in as a new one and as his discovery. I guess if they weren't so proud and concerned about making a buck off of the proprietary rights it wouldn't bug me so much. But I'm sorry it does! I guess it has to do with the fact that they're so secretive and that they're using our tax dollars - our money to fund their desires for exploration.

Hey Art! Time to do a follow-up! Give me call and let's talk!

Mystery gas keeps heading for Sun
Story from Ananova News Service:

A space probe has spotted mysterious clouds of gas falling towards the surface of the Sun.

The gas battles forward despite facing a solar wind which reaches speeds of 74 miles per second.
Astronomers believe the clouds are pulled towards the Sun by changes in its magnetic field.
The inflows can start at altitudes of up to 1.7 million miles from the surface and the latest pictures have surprised scientists.

Bernhard Fleck, the European Space Agency's project scientist for the Soho probe mission, says: "I was stunned when I saw the first movies showing these inflows.
"Before this discovery by Soho no one had any idea that gas could travel the wrong way, and be pushed back towards the Sun."
The images were processed by Neil Sheeley and Yi-Ming Wang at the US naval research laboratory.
If they are right, and the pictures show collapsing magnetic loops, pulling material against the solar wind, they will confirm that the Sun recycles the magnetic field in its atmosphere.
Story filed: 11:00 Wednesday 21st November 2001

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